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Greetings to all steemians, after the successful completion of task 1 of my achievement 5, I thought it wise to immediately proceed to task 2 which is the review of All steemians needs to have the basic understanding of the operations of this tool. In this post I'll be answering some vital questions as regards to this.
Steemscan is simply an exchange tool on steemit. It allows the direct exchange steem with other crypto currencies like like the bitcoin, USDT, and tron.

Question 1

"please explain the current steem price and volumes on date of submission of this review.

Current steem price is the price at which steem can be exchange with.
To check this price and its volume, you go to the homepage of, there lies the current steem price and volume just as shown below

Question 2

"please explain what all information is shown under latest transaction and latest blocks section

latest transaction: they are a total of 6 information shown under this column. They are;
1.Block ID: this is the unique number and letters specific to an individual.
2.ID: this is a unique number that is to identify a person.
3.sender: this is an individual who make a transaction.
4.reciever: this is the recipient of a transaction.
5.Type: here all types of activities the sender does is found including vote, transfer, and comment.
6.amount/payload: this shows the amount or value of the transaction .

latest block: there are only two information found on this column. they include;
1.ID: this is the unique number and letters specific to an individual.
2.Block transaction: these are transaction made as shown below

Question 3

"please explain what all information is shown under witnesses section and steps to vote a witness

The information shown under the witness section include; block height and current witness. below that, we the active column which carries information like the rank, witness, status and version as shown below

steps to vote for a witness to on your browser and click on menu and on the witness icon as shown below

Screenshot_20210904-110620_1630750250318.png on vote

Screenshot_20210904-111014_1630750391928.png on continue as shown below

4.input your neccessary details as shown below and click get started.

Question 4

"please explain what is DAPPS and mention 3 DAPPS which you have already or may use in the future as per your interest

Dapps simply means decentralised applications. They are digital applications that runs on a blockchain network. It has a frontend user interface
Example of DAPPs i'll love to use are actifit, steem hunt, Dtube and steemit.
How to open dapp
Open the steemscan menu and click on dapps as shown below

You'll see the various dapps as highlighted below

Question 5

"please explain how to use quick convert and what is the fee charged for different steem amount for withdrawal.

steps on how to use quick convert
1.Open, click on the menu and then on the quick convert icon as shown below

2.enter the amount of steem you wish to convert
In my example i want to convert 50 steem to USDT which is approximately 32.30010290 USDT as shown below
3.Enter you withdrawal address
4.Click on create order to complete the transaction.
5.To finalise the transaction you will need to enter your active key and confirm the order.

Once you proceed with your order, a standard fee of approximately $1 is charged for the transaction.

Question 6

"Please explain what information is provided by the search feature.

The following information are provided by the search feature. They include;

1.Transaction: this is the account of the transaction
2.Transaction ID: this is the unique number specific to each user
3.Additional parameters: this indicates the type of transaction that the user wants to do. Some of those transactions can be, transfer, comment, power up, vote, account claim.
4.Amount: This is the amount to be sent to the receiver
5.Date: this carries the date of the transaction.
These are all shown below

Special thanks goes to @cryotocannon whose guideline i followed while making this post, and to you for reading through. Thanks and God bless!!

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Congratulation @zami2

You have passed Achievement 5(2) on understanding the different tabs on the menu bar on

Tasks complete2

Rating 3

Please read for the next tool used on the steem ecosystems. Achievement 5-3: Review steemit steemyy tool Link You expected to understand how to check your Voting Power and different activities on your blog

With a reputation of 50+ and 125 Steem Power, you can join the Introductory courses open to anyone (Beginners level) in the Crypto Academy Community, complete courses and rewards.

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