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  • Assalam-o-Alaikum!

  • Dear Steemians!

I am new in this platform. Please welcome me in this platform. I am thankful to @steem family.

  • My Education

My name is Zaheer Ahmad. I belong to Basirpur Tehsil Depalpur District Okara. I passed my matriculation from GHS Basirpur number 1 in 2000. I passed my intermediate from Govt. Degree College Depalpur with flying colours. I passed my B.SC from Govt. Postgraduate College Okara. I started as SESE Science at GHS Sher Garh in 2011. I was lucky one to get job in time. I always desire to be a teacher. I inspired my young student. Then I cleared B.ED from AIOU. Then I passed master in Punjabi. After that l started Master in Physics. After that My promotion came to the point and I promoted as SST Science in GHS Chorasta Main Khan. This station is very conducive. I am enjoying teaching here.


  • How Join I Steemit ?

My respected colleague Rai MUHAMMAD AZAM inspired me to join Steemit.

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This is really a good post and really you made hard work to create this post. Welcome to this platform and I hope that you will stay active at this platform. This is an informative platform as you mention this will provide you a lot of knowledge about cryptocurrencies and I also will learn from your activation.

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Welcome to this platform. Keep on sharing informative posts.
Thank you so much!

 6 months ago 

Thank you.

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Hey @zaheersst
I'm @fiatht Welcome you to Steemit

First of all you have made a very good introductory post.

Firstly, to tell you Steemit is a block chain based where you can get rewards for sharing your daily life storys, photos, work, Diary game and your content such as Writing,your best day, Photography, diary games and many others.
it important for you to keep up with the achievement program post by @cryptokannon , from 1 to 6 in other to have a very successful staying here on steemit by completing these achievements you can learn how to use Steemit , like applying markdown , using wallet , use of key and all your account information. and also you will know what to do that will be beneficiary and what to avoid. you are highly welcome once again.

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Thank you very much

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Hi, @zaheersst,

Your post has been supported by @vvarishayy from the Steem Greeter Team.

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Thank you so much!

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