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Greetings. This is U.S.Andrew, Udemeabasi Andrew. @us-andrew is my username. I'm a masculine gender and I'm 20 years old. I was born and still being brought up in AkwaIbom state, Nigeria.You must have heard a lot about my country. But for the benefits of those who haven't, I will try to tell.

Nigeria is the richest and most populated country in Africa. A nation with multi -talented individuals. Especially in the entertainment industry. Nigeria is a home of about 520 languages. And these languages have been there for four millennia. That's by the way. My country could actually be a case study from a linguistics perspective. Nigeria is ethically diverse with 371 ethnic groups of which the largest are Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba. However, multiple tribes make up these ethnic groups.

Jollof rice is Nigeria's national dish. Anyway, we have numerous delicacy in my state alone. And I think they're the most presentable and delicious ones in the country. I'm talking about AkwaIbom state. AkwaIbom state is the most peacful place in Nigeria, and also the state with a progressive and fast infrastructural and economic growth.
I am a member of a family of four. I'm the eldest child of my mother and the youngest child of my father. Anyway, it's quite complicated. You might not understand. I'm currently studying in the University of uyo, AkwaIbom state, Nigeria. Electrical and Electronics Engineering is my field. I'm hoping to graduate with a first class though.
Nevertheless, I am also a dependable electronic technician. I worked with Gadana electrofiel company before I gained admission into the University.
In a family like mine. As a first born, one should be aware of the responsibilities that awaits him/her as he/she grows. So many house chores and all other things to handle at home. This is my case . Being the eldest sibling does not only give you work load but some benefits, endowments and inheritance as the case may be. It also makes an individual bossy and manipulative over the younger siblings.And the love for the younger siblings is endless.

Apart from studying, I also engage myself in some recreational activities like; dancing, singing, playing soccer and some few musical instruments.In the traveling aspect, I'll give myself a 2 out of 10. You might be wondering why. But, don't think too much, just read on. Let me just give a breif explanation why I said so. I have only travelled twice out of my state to another state which shares the same boundary with mine. But internally, I'll give my self a 7 out of 10. I've been to almost all the local government areas in my state.
Joining this platform has been an achievement ( let me borrow that from the title) for me. My post here, will not be characterized to be a specific content. Of course, this is an open platform. And it welcomes diversified contents. Trust me, my content will be interesting and worth reading. My post here will trigger many readers to engage in them . I will also do my best to abide by the rules and regulations that governs this platform. While I learn from the already existing partners and friends, I will also try to help new members with any form of support and encouragement that I may have.
I was introduced to steemit by @imohmitch and @bossj23.

They've been on the platform for quite a while now. So, they talked me through the process of registration. They told me how it has improved them academically and otherwise. Being some of my few trusted friends, I decided to join the platform. And with their help, I was able to set up my account.
Finally, I will engage in all activities going on here. And as I said earlier, abide by the rules and regulations that governs this platform.
Thank you
My pleasure

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Hello @us-andrew

Welcome to Steemit, I am happy to welcome you here. Congratulations, Your Achievement 1 task has been verified, and now you can continue to Achivement 2.

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You are also expected to be active in other communities to publish posts and comment on other users' posts

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Welcome to the platform. Looking forward to seeing you follow the rules and become successful on the platform. The four words, consistency, focus, determination, and goals will help you on your journey. Steem on

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I welcome you greatly❤️ and I am looking forward to see your quality posts and consistency in the platform l. What a great start❤️, wish you good luck as you observe the rules and take on your journey in steemit


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Happy writing and good fortune🤝

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