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My name is Ubong Luke. I'm from Akwa Ibom state. A state located in the South South region of Nigeria.
I marked 28 years of age on the 10th of October, 2021. I'm 6.4 feet tall. I love myself just like that because it's doesn't take long for people to recognize me even in a crowd. I feel so comfortable with it since it attract charisma and attention.

I am a great lover of photography. I developed great passion for photography back then in my high when I got an analogue amateur Camera 📷 from my Uncle as my birthday gift. Then, without any professional mentoring I was diving into street photography for fun and leisure. Growing up, the passion keeps growing. As I went on to further my studies in college as a professional teacher I saw the need to upgrade my passion for photography into a professional career as money was seen as one of the necessities to possess.
While in school I had a side training on photography, acquire my first digital camera (Nikon d40x) and started engaging my course mate in their photo shoots, birthday shoots and gradually, I was recognised as the Ubong the image maker. Today the passion is pushing me higher, introducing me to great people and places in life.


It is said that effective teachers are born and made. Being the first born in the family got me to discover my teaching talent earlier enough in life as I was seeing myself engaging my siblings in tutoring session. My parents seeing this talents encourage me into teaching profession where I studied the art of Business Education (accounting) and graduated with Credits and also backed the licesnse of Teacher's Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN).


Other skills
In church, my love for classical music was always heavenly as a young Sunday school boy of Apostolic Faith Church. Growing up, I joined the church Rudiment of music class, advanced to sight reading and trumpet 🎺 class and with no time, my Passion for music was matched with my skills and I was welcomed into the church Junior orchestra where I started playing and singing in various concerts and Church services.
Man grows to learn and learns to grow. Learning digital skill in today's society is a thing that should not be neglated. Currently I'm working on acquisition of digital currency trading skills (forex and crypto currency). To say it all, having multiple skills gives me the sense of value and always get me engaged productively and positively.



I didn't just stumble on STEEMIT. I was well informed and introduced into the platform by a bossom friend of mine. A friend and a brother from another mother who happens to be a steemit agent/promoter. He's known as @tempestinyang. We had been friends and colleague from college, learning basket ball together. He gave me a sneak peek by asking to to go view and study the platform and what it's all about. After scan reading I was overwhelmed with excitement for adding something new to my life. The introduction was a blessing because it automatically spured my sense of productivity and creativity on content creation. Special thanks to him.

I'm here to meet people, learn and share my skills and knowledge to the wider world. I hope to meet great people and other professionals in various fields around the globe. I will also love to see nice post on photography, music and from various people around the globe.
Being a member on steemit, I have seen a lot of communities that I will like to share my creativities. This have really moved me to speed up and hasten up my writing and photography skills so I can be making nice post too. I dream of owning many steem power too.


One time for @tempestinyang . He is the man who brought me to STEEMIT. I respect him for that. I hope to make new friends here. Never to forget Mrs. @ngoenyi who @tempestinyang told me that she's our country's representative (NIGERIA), my appreciation goes to her.
Thanks for reading my achievement1 post.
I remain Ubong Luke.


Welcome to the steemit family dear @ubongluke. I am pleased to have you join us here.
You have been verified and may move to the next achievement task.
To enjoy your experience here it will be wise if you try and finish all your achievement posts in the newcomers community, follow @steemitblog for #contest updates.

Please Join communities like steemitfoods for your food posts, and steemitnursery where you can write about any topic of your choice, also, join steemkids community if you love kids and want to help them out. There are still other communities you can join with time.

There is need to interact with your fellow steemians, therefore, join the following groups African food lovers in telegram group, Join steemwomen whatsapp group, Steemkids telegram group

we will put you through on how to make an acceptable posts in the communities.

You can start with #thediarygame season 3 where you will tell us about your days activities.

It's also very important for you to join #club5050. To join the club you need to power up at least 50% of your monthly earnings. You can also join #club75 where you will power up 75% of your earnings for 2 months or #club100 where you are to power up all your earnings for 3 months.

Read this post to see how to join the clubs step by step using your first rewards

Also note that all achievement posts should be posted only once. If anyone is not Verified on time, you need to have patience or tag any country rep. to verify you.

Welcome ones more. If you follow the rules, the sky will be your starting point, you will steem to the moon and beyond,trust me.
Love you dear!

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Thanks so much for this warmed welcome, I really appreciate and I promise to trode the path of the stern heroes... I'll be sure to follow all the instructions given as it is my earnest desire to go beyond the sky in steemit

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Hi, @ubongluke,

Your post has been supported by @ngoenyi from the Steem Greeter Team.

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<Welcome brother I'm also new and I've made an intro post as well please can u help me verify it if I did it right thank you

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Welcome to steemit.
Follow people that interest you and also get followed.
The sky is your limit

Congratulations !!!

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welcome to steemit @ubongluke

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Thank you

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