Achievement 1 by @tupo-mridha || I am excited to join in steemit.

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❤️ Hello Stemians ❤️

Hello everyone !
Hope all are well.
I am from Bangladesh 🇧🇩
Today I am going to introduce myself to steemit world. From my respective @emranhasan sir I knew about this awesome platform. He encouraged me to write on this mind-blowing world. I have just opened my steemit account.
It's mandatory to introduce myself in steemit.
So let's start my introduction.

"My introduction"


My name is Md. Tupo mridha. I am 19 years old.
I am a Class XII student and I have been working with a standard Surgical Mask manufacturing company for over one year.


Now on this covid-19 situation the schools and colleges have been closed . It can be said that we are fighting coronavirus. I am currently living in Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh and my home district Tangail. I passed the SSC examination in 2017 as a first class student from lion Ferdous Alam Firoj school.

In our happy family, my parents and we are two brothers. My father is a pharmacy doctor and my mother is a housewife.

My Hobbies

My favourite hobbie is traveling. When I get time I go outside for a tour. I have been visiting many historical places in Bangladesh. Shopping is also favourite to me last day I have bought a new mobile phone to join in steemit.


This is the pic of a shopping mall at Dhaka city.
After bought the fhone I excited to join in steemit. Last day I opened my I'd.

What do I want from steemit?


I am a student and I very keen to learn.
@emranhasan sir told me this is a awesome platform to learning, sharing and careing.
Firstly I just want to learn about Steemit.
Hope all of steemit guys will help me to achieve my success on steemit.

Honarable mentiones:-

@cryptokannon mam
@emranhasan sir
@boss75 sir

Please verify my account to start my steemit journey. I wrote this post by the help of @emranhasan sir. He is very friendly and supportive person. I am very great full to him.

" Thank you "

 last year 

Hi, @tupo-mridha,

Your post has been supported by @boss75 from the Steem Greeter Team.

 last year 

Welcome to Steam. Good luck to you brother,Nice to read your familiar post. Thanks bro

 last year 

Thank you very much brother. I want a little support from you to work very well on this platform. I am new so if there is any mistake you will look at it with a forgiving look.


 last year 

Dear @tupo-mridha you got the right choice. It's a awesome platform for learning and sharing your creativity.
Good luck to you 🤞

 last year 

Thank you sir, 💞💞I will be very grateful to you for introducing me to the new world. Keep praying so that we can succeed in the world of steam.

   ___     ❤️❤️❤️❤️___
 last year 

Good luck for you 🤞

 last year 

Woke an awesome introduction

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