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Hey everyone! I am new to steemit. So cheers to new beginnings and new chapter of my life.


I am Syed Arsalan aged 18 years currently doing A levels. I have done o levels from Beaconhouse school system. I am interested in automobiles and want to become mechanical engineer.
My hobbies are reading books , working-out, meditation, cooking , photography and working on cars doing experimental things and learning new skills .

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Here is my modified car.


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Currently life is pretty boring and stressful due to the ongoing pandemic Covid-19. However, I try my best to be productive by engaging in activities.

I am a foodie. I like to eat food to tantalize my taste buds and quench my hunger.

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Here is a calm soothing view for you all. With is I am more than welcome to suggestions for this amazing platform, steemit. Lastly, I would like to give thanks to @hasssanabid for his support and guidance.


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Welcome to the beautiful platform of Steemit ❤️
Just give your best and provide quality content and you will definitely be rewarded.
All you have to do is stay focused and don't lose hope.
Steem On ❤️

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Thank you for your support it really means alot ❤️

Congratulations on getting successfully verified over Achievement 1 best of luck for next Achievement.

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Thank you .it really means alot ❤️

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Hi, @syedarsalan,

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