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Hello everyone… I am a little bit excited today to introduce myself to the world. I am Shalini Wijekoon from Sri Lanka. I was born on 24th December 1990. Now I’m 30 years old. My home town is Kandy. I went to Sarasavi Uyana Central College – Peradeniya, up to my Ordinary Level examination. Then I went to Swarnamali Girls College - Kandy for my studies for the Advanced Level examination.

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I have a younger brother in my family. After my Advanced Level examination, I started my higher education at the Open University of Sri Lanka. After my higher education, I got a job as a fashion designer at the apparel factory in Horana. I worked there for three years. Then I started my own business. After marriage, we went to a rent-house in the Colombo area in June of 2017. Then I started a small apparel factory at that house. I was able to continue my business until 2020. But unfortunately, Covid – 19 affected my business and I decided to close my business for some time period.

From this year January, I started a travel agency with the support of my friends. From that, we are organize camping, hiking, and other traveling activities. I have several hobbies, among them, I love traveling & cooking. In my free time, I like to try new recipes. Anyhow, now I am joined to steemit. So I’m sure that writing food-related articles & recipes will be my new hobby. By using steemit I like to share my travel experiences too. I have visited lots of beautiful places in my country & I have photo collections of them.

I would like to thank @ruwankumara & @thimalteb for introducing steemit to me. I hope to achieve my life goals with the support of steemit.

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Hi @shaliniwijekoon, Welcome to Steemit!

Nice Introduction Post👌

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Thank you your valuable guidance

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Welcome to the club......

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Thank you..

welcome to steemit @ shaliniwijekoon
Nice Introduction Post

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Thank you very much

@shaliniwijekoon, warmly welcome to the steemit...

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Thank you so much.

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Thank you for your support.

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Hello friend @shaliniwijekoon, welcome to this great family steemit interesting your presentation, you have a lot to offer to this platform you must venture into the communities and choose where you will publish, you have much to choose, be perseverant and be very patient, that the north is your success. Best regards. Venezuela

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Thank you for your guidance. Hope your great support in the future too...

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Thank you @ruwankumara & @thimalteb for bringing her in .. @thimalteb you have introduced the platform to few fellows up to now.. you are doing a good job macn. keep it up

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Yours @kryptodenno

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@kryptodenno thank you for your guidance for new commers

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Thank you very much...

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