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Thanks guys for reaching my post. Reading the post by @yohan2on, I have gotten an overview on this site, all of it’s individual tools, funtions, importance etc. With the knowledge of his post and my experience on exploring, I am writting this blog post.

My Review on is built on the steem blockchain. It was developed by @steemchiller. Main purpose of this application is to facilitate proper management of an user’s accoun. An user can use several tools like delegations, followers, account operations, order, mentions, post feature, coming rewards etc. Every steem user should consider using this for a quick overview and management of his account.
After entering the site, we have to click the sign in key on the top right side. Then signing in with username and private posting key.
After clicking to the dashboard, I found my voting power which was set at a 54.10%,
There are multiple category tabs in the lower section which provide detailed informations. I am going to discuss them one by one:


It gives an overview of my vote amounts, effective steem power, mentions, followers, reputation etc.


This states the account value at the top, account balance, vesting shares , amounts withdrawn etc. It also allows me to transfer in either steem or SBD to other users or to exchanges.

Account Details

This provides details about account, profile, authorities, resource credits and witness votes.


This indicates both outgoing and incoming delegations and since I have no delegations, they both labeled zero as shown below.


This provides details about my followers and comes with a search dialogue box to followers easily.


This provides to see who tagged me in their posts and comments.


Here, I can buy or sell steem within the orderbook. Ongoing orders will be shown within the open orders section. Conversions and withdrawals will also be shown in the respective sections.

Account Operatins

It gives full details on my operations on a daily basis, indicating the time within which said activity took place.

Coming Rewards

At the bottom, this provides list of author rewards and curation rewards.

Posts feature

This shows the latest posts which is less thathan 7 days payout period.

There are some other extra tools that also help in several functions

That's all of it. To the attention of @cryptokannon, thanks for guiding me.

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