Achievement 6 Task by @sahab1992: Understanding Curation and Community

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Hello Everyone
Good day to all
Below is my task for Achievement 6.

How do voting and curation work in steemit?

In steemit if a post has been upvoted both author and curator are rewarded. 50% of the amount goes to the author and the rest 50% is distributed among curators. If a post is downvoted there are no rewards. This voting thing is similar to liking or disliking a post on Facebook, Twitter, etc. The main difference here is that we (authors and curators) are rewarded for these activities. To vote(upvote/downvote) someone's post you have to just click the green/red button present below the post.

Screenshot of a post is shown below.


What happens if you vote for a post 5 minutes after posting?
If a curator votes within 5 minutes of posting, he/she will get less than 100% rewards.
Rewards to the curators are distributed as shown below.

TimeCurator Rewards
1 minute after posting20%
2 minutes after posting40%
3 minutes after posting60%
4 minutes after posting80%
5 minutes after posting100%

Source of the above content is here

Who will you vote for Steem Witnesses ? and Why?

  • I will vote for for @justyy for creating It is a very useful tool. Using this I learned to check Effective Steem Power, outgoing and incoming votes. I also learned to delegate SP using Steem SP Delegation Tool and many more useful information.
  • I will also vote for @steemchiller for creating . It is also very useful tool.

Which community will you join in Steemit, and why?


Hey @sahab1992, this is Aniqa Mashkoor a greeter helper.

Congratulations you have successfully completed all your achievement tasks from 1 till 6. Now you can compile all of them in a single post.

Hope so you learned and enjoyed while making your achievements.


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Happy steeming :)

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Thank you @aniqamashkoor,
My SP and reputation are not enough to participate in these courses. I have applied for Steemit Crypto Academy 125SP Booster program.
If you could help me anyway for the same I will be highly obliged.

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Hi, @sahab1992,

Your post has been supported by @heriadi from the Steem Greeter Team.

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Thank you

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