Finally lock-down & Bangla new year give me the chance to Introduce Myself in Steemit.


The most beautiful & peaceful people of Steemit, today I'm very excited because meantime I'm writing my first and introduction post on the Steemit platform.

Being a proud Bangali wanna wish you all a "Very Happy Bangla New Year". This is really a very pleasant coincidence that I'm starting my #Steemit journey on the very first day of Bangla New Year 1428. I'm really very lucky that I introduced to the Steemit on a beautiful and very significant day for every Bangladeshi. A new year always revives every human being in a very positive way. It's always been an inspiration for our new hope & for our new goals. A new year is full of motivation for our ultimate depression. It is not a superstition, It is real "The first action in the new year, always presents better success than any other days". I always feel it because I'm a very strong believer.


I want to share a lot with you all in this post before sharing, want to introduce myself to you all. Here, I used my user name @pronoyjnubd. Let make an elaboration of my user name first. Pronoy that my beautiful name and Pronoy Kumar Barman is the full name with my family title. What is the elaboration of J.N.U? I have been completed my Post-graduation with the subject applied Statistics from the Jaganath University of Bangladesh. Being an ex-student of Jagannath University I always feel very proud of myself, cause JNU is a top-ranked University in Bangladesh. So, since I feel very comfortable using the short form of Jaganath University with my name. Now it's time for BD, I should write it as The BD because the BD is the short form of our beautiful country name is Bangladesh. I have a very deep respect for my country forever.

I think the previous paragraph has not sufficient information to describe me, cause all that information is important only for our Election ministry. As per my knowledge about the #Steemit platform, all that information is meaningless. As per my research on Steemit, I feel Steemit is a very big community of the most creative people around the world. Am I a creative person? Before starting with the Steemit I made this question to me. Let's have a look at the answer to the question.


"Creativity is a hidden Missile" if anyone asks me for the definition of creativity. It can be very easy or very difficult to discover what kind of creativity hidden in you. It is very easy because if you start searching continuously inside you, it will not take much time to be discovered. It is very difficult because multiple-choice create a stage of confusion for distinguished the creativity hidden in us.

By this time I'm living with the second one. I'm really very confused about what is the exact creativity do I have considering my hobby and extra curriculum activities skills. I don't know how to sing a song, I don't know how to dance, I don't know how to draw a figure because I had no interest in those topics from my childhood. Reading books and reading a lot of books is one & only my favorite hobby. Besides that, although I'm not a very good cricket player I love to watch cricket games on television very much, my hobby number two.


By this time hope you all able to find out my hidden creativity, If you are not let me tell you about it in a short. Writing is the most active creativity I discovered from the core of my mind. In my childhood, I was loving to write songs, especially I always tried to make parodies of any trending songs, still, I'm loving it. The meaning of a poem always passed away over my head, so I didn't feel any interest in writing poetry. Being a student of the subject Statistic I feel very interested in collecting data on any topics and love to write a statistics blog on that topics. That's all about my creativity, believe that you all feel very interested in reading my posted blogs on this platform.

Let me write something about my post title. The 14th of April 2021 was a very significant day for every Bangladeshi cause it was the first day of Bangla new year. Alas!!! we failed to celebrate this day in our very traditional way. No gathering in Romona Botomul in the early morning, no Boishakhi rally in Shahbagh also applicable for every city in our country. Just we celebrate this day by eating "Panta Ilish" in our breakfast because our government declared Lockdown for the high rate of COVID-19 affected people from 14th April 2021. Our new year became lockdown new year this year also.


For the lockdown, I had to stay with my cousin name @shadonchandra. I came to his house the day before. In the evening he introduced me to Steemit, the overall presentation of his about Steemit really made me very curious and surprised. Steemit really beautiful when a person like my cousin represents it, otherwise Steemit will very difficult to understand the initial mechanism of blockchain technology.

Thanks to @shadonchandra for introducing Steemit to me. I believe one day he will thank me, for my progress, success, and achievement from the Steemit.

As per his suggestion, I'm going to set @steemingcuration as 30% beneficiary of this post reward for being a member of the Steeming Community.

Once again want to thank Shadon Chandra for helping me to create my first post.


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