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Hello My dear Friends,

I'm Oshadhi Senarathna and I'm 17 years old. I live in Negombo, Sri Lanka. As a new member to the Steemit platform, this is my very first post and I'm going to introduce myself with more details.

First of all, I like to admit that I have done G.C.E.Ordinery Level Examination last month. So nowadays, I'm getting ready for the G.C.E.O/L practical exam, which is going to be held in next month. And also I am getting ready for the G.C.E.Advanced level examination.

My Talents:
I think it is a good point to start, by telling you that I am good at singing and playing the violin. My favorite genre is classical music and I have studied Indian classical music in school. Otherwise, I am playing violin since I was 11 years old, and still learning for Indian exams. As well as, I am practicing electrical organ and flute, but I am not too good at, yet.


My Hobbies:
Reading books is what I like to be engaged in the most. I read both Sinhala and English novels, H. Rider Haggard and Agatha Christie are my ideal authors. Diary of the wimpy kid is my ever-loving book, which is an ever-pleased comical book for me. Not only that but also I am keen on collecting stamps and already I have a stamp collection with me. Furthermore, I love listening to songs at my leisure.


My Memberships:
I am a member of St. John Sri Lanka and, a senior guide in the SL Girl Guides Association. I have joined and organized many programs with the members of the organizations. In addition, I have joined in night camps and all-island hiking competitions.


Eventually, I should admit that I don't know much about cryptocurrency and hopefully waiting to learn.
I am very thankful for my loving friend @ashen99 because I got to know about Steemit from him. I know a little bit about this platform, and really hope to learn more while using this platform, as well as, from my friend @ashen99.

Let's meet from an another article. Have a nice day!!

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Hello ...@oshadie welcome to steemit. good article about you.keep it up

Helloo!! Thank you very much aiye🤝..I will try my best

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Warmly welcome to steemit mchn

Thank uu sooo much aiye😊😁

Hi nangi welcome to steemit

Hi akke, thank you 😊😊

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Hi Nangi. Welcome to steemit ❤️

Hi akke, thank uu💕

Hello @oshadie,
Welcome to the steemit 😍

I am good at singing and playing the violin.

Great... You can show you your tallents to the world through Music for steem😍.
Here is the link -->

Have a great journey in steemit nanga😍😍

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Hello akke, Thanks a lot💕

Warmly welcome to the steem world. Keep it up and good luck to your future steem journey.

Thank you aiye 😊

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Hi Oshadie , Welcome To steemit . 💪

Hi aiye, Thank youuu

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Wow you can play violin 😍. Welcome to steemit nangi...

Hee..😁Thank u akke..

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Welcome to Steemit community @oshadie.
Stay connected and post good content consistently.

Thanks a lot bro... I will do my best😊

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Welcome to the steemit frnd 😍, Keep it up

Thanks aiye..😊

Welcome to steemit😊🎊

Thank you very much aiye 😁

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Hi @oshadie

Welcome to Steemit, glad to see you join here
Good luck 😁

Hi bro.. Thank you so much, It's nice to see you too🤝😁

Welcome to steemit nangi!!! Wish you a happy journey here...

Thank you very much aiye.. 😊😊

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Hi @oshadie,

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Hi bro, Thanks a lot❤

Let's Connect👉 @y0gi😁

We will definitely

Hi! Welcome to Steemit.😊

Best wishes for the journey that you are going to have here😍

Hi akke, Thank you for your wishes❤

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Warmly welcome to steemit nangi🤗

Thank you very much for your warm wishes akke..💕❤

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