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RE: Achievement 5 Task 1 by @caleb-marvel : Review

in Newcomers' Community6 months ago

Hi @caleb-marvel , your nice achievement has been verified by @ngoenyi from the steem greeters team.
You may now proceed to the next achievement task.
Thank you for completing this achievement.

It's also very important for you to join #club5050. To join the club you need to power up at least 50% of your monthly earnings. You can also join #club75 where you will power up 75% of your earnings for 2 months or #club100 where you are to power up all your earnings for 3 months.

Thanks again.

Task rate: 3

 6 months ago 

Thanks ma'am, I really appreciate.
I am in club75, I have always be powering up more than 80% of my earnings, sometimes I do power-up all my earnings because am longing to grow my account.
Thanks once more for verifying my Achievement. Jah bless @ngoenyi

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