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Hello everyone here, Am muzito Micheal from Uganda aged 23 and am a diploma holder.
Am new here in this community but am old in the steem community as well about 1 year ago.
Me to know steemit there is a friend of mine who came in my village and tried to ask me about he internet cafe, when i took him he explain me some little about steemit that you can post a a good content on steemit and earn for living my brothers and sisters reading this me as a person i gained a lot in steemit like friend, some little funds to help the family and more needy children in my community through using steemit.

So i call upon those one who have just join steemit that belive in yourself, determined, post a good and valuable content you will earn fro Steemit. God bless you
We also welcome any support to support needy children in Community



Welcome to steem brother. I think you are an old user. Hope you are going great.

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Yeah my brother its great

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Hi @muzito08, Welcome to steemit. Please add you verified photo. Holding a piece of paper like this. Its pretty much simple and just easy as like as this photo.


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Ok my brother thank you for the love

Hi @muzito08 !
It would be good It add a verified photo of yourself.

Hi @muzito08 welcome to steemit world! Thank you so much for introducing yourself here within Newcomer's community! Have a good time here!

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Thank you brother

Hi! Welcome to Steemit!
Hope you will be enjoy the diary game. Keep posting your diary everyday!

#onepercent #srilanka

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ok my sister God bless you