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Today is my happiest day to be a part of this great community. My wife's friend told me beautiful things about Steemit, the lovely people, the connection and the cool earning potential for investors and authors on this community. I wonder what am i wasting time to join this great opportunity to earn money with laptop and my smart phone, I feel a lot excited. It's really great to be here today for my introduction post.


My name is OLEKA CHIMEZIRIM FELIX. From UMUAHIA, Abia State, Nigeria. I am married and I live in Umuahia Nigeria. The capitalof Abia State, known as God own state, and also the 1st state in Nigeria, with good governance and good education. I love my state.



I obtained a Bachelor Degree in Library and Information Science from Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike (MOUAU)Abia State, Umuahia.
I was born into a Godly family of 6. I'm the last born, a d also the only surviving Son in the family. but. My Father is died and my Mother is still alive now. My wife is a hard working business person ICT consultant, and am blessed with two boys. Kennedy & Dennis.


I am an entrepreneur a very good Graphic Designer and I engage in a couple of businesses such as poultry & cultivation of Different crops for human consumption, i do market my birds and my cash crops from my own large farm.
My only business:- marketing my goods only to supply to the those that order for it.


I am a good orator by nature. I love speaking to the masses, comforting them, impacting knowledge to people and restoration to the downcast and depressed persons. I enjoy it when I put a smile on people's face by way of encouragement via teaching. l love researches and seeking information in other hand giving out real and current information of something.




I love internet and socializing with new people and environment of which i found in Steemit community.
I'm glad being here and I look forward to meeting all the beautiful people here, make friends, socialize, learn new things and contribute in my own way by time, skill, intellect etc to make Steemit a beautiful and conducive environment to inhabit.

A good friend of my wife @talktofaith introduced me to Steemit. Although she has been saying so many beautiful things about Steemit for a while now. But I got to join officially. And here I'm I today with my introduction post.

Thanks a lot for reading through all this post.
I love you all and I know you love me too. I also anticipate your support.

@cryptokannon here is my introduction post.

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Welcome @mekzikho. We are delighted to have you here. Steemit is a nice place to be. To succeed, engage with people here. Start by replying all the comments in this post. Then read other people's posts and reply. Engage in #thediarygame where you can write about how you spent your day. Follow @steemitblog to get updates. Join communities and be active. If you do these, you will grow fast here. Welcome

Welcome to steemit platform.
Keep following @steemitblog for latest update.

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It has been voted by @adeljose and I am voting with Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator03, it counts to support newcomers entering steemit.

Follow @steemitblog for the latest update on Steem Community.

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@mekzikho, I am glad that you were able to complete your achievement 1 post. You are welcome to Steemit, it is nice to have you here. This is a beautiful place to be just like I told you. Explore the beautiful things here. Feel free to ask any question if confused.
Looking forward to see what you have got for us here.
Best regards from @talktofaith

Thank you very much, I love here.

Hello @mekzikho, Welcome to the Steemit!! I would like to congratulate you on completing your first achievement here. I hope you will complete the next achievement soon.

Please join our Steemingcurators community for participating in writing challenges or contests that running on Steemit.

I suggest you to follow @steemitblog for the latest updates on steem community.

The Steemingcurators Community Building Team.

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Welcome to steemit

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Am really happy that you made it to this great community first with your introductory post @mekzikho. Keep steeming with those great potentials of yours, my regards.

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Hello @mekzikho, welcome to steemit. I am happy that you have finally made it to meet us here. Regularly visit @steemitblog for updates
#twopercent #nigeria

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Hi @mekzikho.
Welcome to the steem blockchain.
Follow @steemitblog for updates on steemit for upcoming contests and challenges
Follow @musicforsteem for music.

You are welcome to post any content in Steemit Nursery

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Greetings friend @mekzikho.

I am pleased to see that you have met Achievement 1, so it is my duty to let you know that you should review the content of Achievement 2 and meet its requirements in order to move forward and increase the opportunity to receive support from "Steem Greeters" and be eligible to apply for "500SP minnowsupport.

Remember to use the #achievement2 and #nigeria tags and post from the Newcomers' Community.

I'm @adeljose, Venezuela Representative at Steemit, our desire is to help you grow in this platform, so I want to invite you to be part of Newcomers' Community managed by @crytokannon.

Very nice, i well as soon as possible. Thank you very much. I appreciate alot.

You are welcome homr @mekzikho, these is where you feel at home and earn by doing what you love to do.

Endeavor to participate in contest and challenges to get better and follow @steemitblog for updates.

#twopercent #nigeria

hi mr Felix you're welcome to the family. I hope you will introduce your wife to the steemit platform too I would love to know her as well.

Feel free to participate in everything, it's a free world here.

Join contests and engage with other people through comments.

Have a nice day...!

Welcome to the family @mekzikho. Am sure you will enjoy your stay on STEEMIT

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Welcome to the steemit community and @steemalive communitiy. I trust you will have a wonderful experience on our Blockchain, all of us on steemit are here to help you if you need our assistance.

Please endeavour to complete your achievement posts and follow @steemitblog for more information.
Welcome once again.


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@ mekzikho
you look very young and delligence
You are very much welcome to steemit
A fun and better place you can rather be
Stay collected at all times
We care about you


Welcome to the steemit family @mekzikho. So many opportunities awaits you on the platform which you should engage in and benefit so many things as well. Congratulations on completing your achievement 1 task. Follow @steemitblog for updates and join the Diary game going on now
#twopercent #cameroon

This post has been rewarded by @focusnow from @steemcurator04 Account with support from the Steem Community Curation Project."

Keep posting good content and follow @steemitblog for more updates. Keep following all the rules in the Diary Game, as well as improving your Diary post content to get more attention. Thank you, Steemit Team!

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