Achievement 1 @meerub : My introduction to steemit

Hope you all'll be fine!
Okay so, First of all i have to introduce myself. My name is Meerub and belongs to a middle class family. I am 21 years Old.
I am a student of MSC Chemistry. You can call me a future chemist. By the way, I was hate Chemistry In Matric and Fsc. But when i was a student of graduation I was inspired By My chemistry Teacher. He was the best teacher of Chemistry.Because of him, my interest developed in chemistry. On That time, I decided to become a chemist im future. And Now its my 3rd semester.
If we talk about hobbies then i am interested in reading novel and also in poetry.
Poetry is my love.
Due to basic needs I was searching for Online job, but didn't find. Because scammers are everywhere.
One month ago, i met @earnlogy on facebook. I asked from him about Online earning. He suggested me to try the seemit. Then I Sign up my account but didn't work. I was in search of some other site. But i didn't find legit site. Then i decided to work on seemit. I got information about seemit from my Friend @earnlogy. He helped me in creating account and Told me that how to work on steemit.
Now i am Very excited.
I hope You all like my intro post. and hope I'll find Good friends here.
Thanks You!

 3 years ago 

Hi @meerub

Welcome to this platform.

"May your arrival be auspicious and fruitful. Use your talent and creativity here."

You can take part in The Diary Game which is permanent now. I think you are capable to create your valuable blog on Steemit. Follow @steemitblog for latest update.

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Be happy and energetic. See you soon.

#onepercent #bangladesh

Welcome to Steemit Family @meerub glad to see you here.

For verification of achievement 1 you should be holding this picture with yourself as well.

and if you are having trouble doing so you can contact @cryptokannon for it :)

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