My daily support to steem ecosystem and to newly registered steemit friends

My curation activities on 12th of April 2022

I joined Steemit since July 2017, and since then, I’ve tried to abide to the rules that helps growth; both for self, for steem ecosystem, and for people found on Steemit.

Growth is possible when selfishness is frowned at, when selflessness is encouraged, and when investment is constantly made. I’m not the lucky 🍀 type that receives steem power delegation from whales 🐳 rather I struggles for my growth.

I did not come to Steemit to just make money out of it, rather to build it, to invest on it, to help others, and to help myself along the line.



It’s hard and expensive to invest much on Steemit due to inflation and hardship around the world, nevertheless, I encourage people to invest and to keep steem blockchain alive through investment; by accumulating steem power and not selling everything made from Steemit for fiat.

I do from time to time buy steem power using my hard earned fiat. When I do such, I have few things in mind; holding for the future, helping humanity, upgrading my earnings, and supporting steem blockchain.

I’m a farmer 👩‍🌾 from West Africa, and I support my community with earnings from my farm activities. I also extend my little help to Steemit friends through upvoting their articles.

Today’s curating activity

I channel support and curation effort more to the new community members through a community called ‘New Comers Community with their steemit ID below 👇


Few out of the people that I voted their articles today:

































I’m glad that I was able to support more than 32 steemit friends with my hard earned steem investment.

The USD value that I’ve distributed on New Comers Community alone on steem blockchain within the past 23 hours is approximately 4 USD

Remember to support those friends that I just mentioned above as most of them are new steemit friends that needs your support most.

I’ll also encourage them to work hard for their reputation without compromise. You can follow me for further support. I’ll try and support you guys more; especially when you’re abiding to the rules of engagement on steem blockchain.

I also pay close attention to Steem Kids Community on steem blockchain. @ngoenyi is doing wonderfully well with huge activities and sacrifices. I wish I could support more!

Thanks for reading my curation report for today. If you like what I do, you can also support my little effort through many ways: I appreciate good comments, you can also resteem this post. Delegating steem power to me will also enable me to do more on steem blockchain. I’m also available for any task or role in steem community.

Remember: I’m still your friend @maxdevalue from Nigeria community. Up STEEM.

 11 months ago 

You have supported my posts a number of times. Your work is very much appreciated in steemit. Thank you so much for your support. I wish you success!

Thanks 🙏 a lot

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