Hello Steemit! I'm @lizzy-Bee and I'm New Here

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Hello everyone, my name is Oluwole Elizabeth popularly known as @Lizzy-B. I would have used my nickname name for creating this steemit account but apparently, someone else is already using it. So I ended up using @lizzy-bee.

I'm fair in complexion, average height, beautiful and outspoken. My eyes are brown like my parents. I speak two major languages which are the English and Yoruba languages. Yoruba is one of the three major languages in Nigeria with over 50 million speakers.

I am a Nigerian by birth and lived most of my life here in Lagos, Nigeria. This is Africa's most populous city generating the highest revenue for my country. The amount of people living in Lagos is so high that It happens to be the commercial hub. If I were to someday travel outside the country, I'd love to visit Canada or Egypt. I love the stories I hear about Canada being peaceful and serene and also, I'd love to see camels, the desert and pyramids in Egypt.

By November this year, I'll clock 18. I'm looking forward to that day because it will mark a new begining for me. There are many things I'd love to do, not necessarily bad things though. There are certain privileges my elder brother enjoy in the house, I want to enjoy them too. Dad also promised to allow me share my brother's car with him when I clock 18. Just so many things to look up to.

I'm presently waiting for my University entrance results. I write some exams few weeks ago in a private Nigerian University. I want to be a nurse because I want to save people's life. I love watchung movies a lot, especially medical, spy and law movies. I like the ways the nurses work along with the doctors to bring a deceased person back to normality. Having a bad nurse could will make a bad team with the doctor, this isn't good for the medical profession. I know I'll be a good nurse because I have the passion and intelligence.

I do a lot of things for fun. I sing, though I know I'm terrible at it. I'm not as terrible as my you ger Sister. She might never get a boyfriend with such melodies she forces us all to hear. I like playing soccer. In fact, while i. Highschool, I was the sport prefect. They could have picked guys for this position but I was chosen. I like dancing, mostly private. I watch lots of dance tutorials on youtube and it has helped me becime better. I wish to compete someday with other amature dancers in a TV show. I might not come back numver one but I'll be among the top 5. The one thing I know nobody can win me when competing is making-up. I'm a makeup artist. In Nigeria, people pay makeup artists good money to make them look beautiful for special events. Nigerians celebrate a lot, we have naming ceremony or name christening, marriage ceremony, house warming, burial parties, birthday parties, club parties among many other. Every Saturday, there always one party or the other in almost every streets of Lagos Nigeria.

Currently, I'm not in a relationship. My oarent told me m too young and should concentrate on my studies. Thanks to my elder brother who gives weekly reports to my parent, I focus more on my books. My elder brother is the nicest person I know. My family is wonderful. We have nice times at the dinner table whete we discusa the day events. My younger sister always have the most interesting stories to tell. She happens to be very social. She goes places during the weekends and holidays when most of the time, I'm in door.

I was introduced to this platform by @damzxyno. He said I could showcase my talent here intead of wasting my time on frevolous things.Before now, I have no prior knowledge about cryptocurrencies. I googled this site and read a lot of wonderful things about it. I decided to join. Currently, I'm still in search of other community I'll join but I've seen a community about foods- Steemfoods. I'll join the community and post more about cooking because my cooking skills are good.

Thanks for reading through my post. Dont forget to upvote and follow me. And also, suggest a community you think I can fit in.

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