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Hello steemit!

Today i will be writing on basic security on STEEMIT. As we all know that all accounts online are vulnerable to hackers so in other to keep our accounts safe we need to understand the basics of keys and their functions.

Firstly, what are STEEMIT KEYS?
keys as we all know are tools for locking and unlocking, basically keeping safe what is most important to us individuals.
Upon creation of account, Steem has five different keys or passwords. Four of these are used with typical accounts and the fifth is used by witnesses. They are;
1.posting key
2.memo key key
4.owner key
5.signing key

Each has its own set of functions and limits.

I will be discussing these keys in details;

The owner key gives full control over your Steem account. Its user is able to post, vote, transfer funds, vote for witnesses, and change all keys including being able to change the owner key.

The active key can perform almost all operations on STEEMIT. The active key allows transferring, trading, powering up/powering down Steem Power, and voting

The posting key allows accounts to post, comment, vote, and follow other accounts. This is what most users should be logging in to Steemit with every day, only using the active key when something to do with transferring funds or changing keys is necessary.

The memo key is the only key that can decrypt private messages sent to your account.

The signing key can be used by witnesses to sign blocks. It's set with the update_witness transaction signed using an active or owner key.

There is also a very important key called the MASTER PASSWORD.
Master Passwords are believe to be the most relevant because it can be used to retrieve other keys so its best to have a spare safe box for it, simply in a way of creating a separate online safe account purposely for it or have it saved offline or an external storage kept hidden..

Secondly, I will talk about the various function/operations in STEEMIT;
there are a lot of operations done in STEEMIT some of this operations include:-Transfer of token from ones account to another STEEMIT account.
to do this we need to fellows these instructions; have to log in to steemit then by the top right you see a wallet icon then you click on wallet icon then you get something like this


2.Then at the wallet page you click to log in to your wallet with your ideal posting key key, you will see somethinng like the picture below


3.The moment you are logged in then it would take you to the transfer page on your account where you can get to make transfers to another user on steemit


4.Then after you get to choose whose account you are transferring to and the amount you are sending to the other user it gets you to the confirmation page of the transfer.

steem convert.png


Same step goes for powering up as well. For better understanding, I'll also be providing images as well for this.

STEP ONE: By selecting the STEEM option a list of options will appear.

second img.png

STEP TWO: from the options available, select power up.

STEP THREE: Input the amount of STEEM you want to power up.

last img.png

It's very important for us to remember that our security keys are not to be tempered with. That being said, keeping our keys safe should be of paramount importance to us.
I hope this article was very educative to all. Thank you!

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