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Hello Guys, Hope you’re doing alright. Today am hyped to share with you my love for traveling and adventure as my #Achievement4 Task.


There is something about the life of travel and adventure. See I have always admired the people I see travel places and the life they live traveling the world. But I have never got the chance to actually travel many places like they do.

Even with the few places I have visited, it has been such a heartwarming experience. And for every destination goal you accomplish, you are left wanting to visit another destination. This alone will motivate you to work harder to visit another place. Helen Keller once had this to say about travel and adventure;

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all"
~Helen Keller

Am fortunate to have visited a couple of places in and out of my country and trust me all these places haven’t left me the same. To be precise, they have left me hungry for more adventure. I have made a point to always have a destination after every 4 months as my tradition and honestly it’s a tradition I hope to pass on to my family.

A list of places I have visited in the last few years.


Sipi falls Kapchorwa Uganda2021
River Nile Jinja Uganda2021
Lake Bunyonyi South-Western Uganda2020
Union Buildings Pretoria South Africa2017
Lion and Safari Park South Africa2017
Cape Town South Africa2017

The Experience

SIPI Falls In Kapchorwa Uganda 2021



Key activities on the trip was the Abseiling and hiking the hills of Kapchorwa. The site of the 3 Sipi falls was magnificent.

River Nile in Jinja Uganda 2021



Here we got to see the source of the Nile and dare our adrenaline by tubing on the waves of the Nile. So thrilling an activity this was.

Lake Bunyonyi 2020
Link to a video I shot about the beauty of Bunyonyi
Last year in December 2020, I got the opportunity to tour the Bunyonyi region. Home of one of the deepest lakes in the world. The same lake that appeared on the 5,000/= Uganda shilling note between 2004 and 2009. The beauty of this place is unforgettable.

Union Buildings Pretoria South Africa 2017
union buildings.png

These are the buildings where the South African government officials seat and the house of the office of the South African President

Lion and Safari Park South Africa 2017


The lion and safari park was a whole different experience my friends. We got close to the huge cats. I mean the lions of course. The drive alone through the park gives you this bliss and excitement in that you just want to keep going. You all should visit this place.

Cape Town 2017


IMG_3879 (1).jpg



The climax of my trip to South Africa was the Cape Town Visit. First off, Cape Town is such a beautiful place and living there would be an ideal plan. While in Cape Town I got to visit some exciting places like Two Oceans Aquarium, the wheel, water front and the ocean shores and don’t get me started on the table mountain hike.

Thank You for reading my post


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