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Hello everyone ! 🙂

I want to give my sensuous gratitude to @cryptokannon for the knowledge and information that she gives to the steemit community. As per the guidance of the @wilmer1988 who approved my achievement 4 now, it's time to move towards my next Achievement 5 tasks 1 before moving towards achievement I want to thank him also for approving my achievement 4, and Thank you my friend @dulip for introducing me to such a great community.

  • I had received my 1 st Achievement reward and powered up my steemit 100%

Withing blow in the article Review I will carefully review the site to create my article in a useful manner.

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Please explain how to check Reward Summary for All time, last 30 days, and last 7 days for your account?

Screen shot

For checking Reward Summary for All time, last 30 days, and last 7 we have to go through by using your our steemit user name.

Screen shot

Then we can go through the "Stats" tab and see the "Reward Summary"bottom of that Page.

Screen shot

Now we can within the past 7 Days,30 Days, and All Time I had been earned 8.24 USD and same time I earned 4.19 Author SP for 7 Days,30 Days, and All Time.

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Please explain What is Delegations, the type of Delegation, and how to Delegate SP?

Delegation means sharing our steemit power with another user or steemit account for a specific period. The important thing in delegation is if we don't want to delegate our steemit power with other steemian we cant remove delegation power at any time we want. according to my research removed delegation power does not come back to our account soon as delegation is removed, delegation power comes back to our steemit account within 5 days time period.

There are two types of delegation
Incoming Delegation

  • It means other steemians delegation to your steemit account to increase your steemit power.

Outgoing Delegation

  • This means delegation that you did for other steemiancs to increase their steemit power.

Let's see how to do delegation processes step by step using 👍

First, click on the delegation

Screen shot

Then click on the Delegate....

Screen shot

After clicking on the delegate... you will see the below tab, Then you can fill To Account "Steemit Account you want to Delegate" and Ammount (SP) "How much you need to delegate"


Finally, Click on the "Ok" Next tab will be to check every detail that you give last time.Ater checking the details you can click on the "Yes" Delegation process will complete.


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How to check Incoming and Outgoing Votes, please explain this with screenshots of both votes for your account?

To check incoming votes we have to click on the Inc Vote...


Then you can see the Top-250 Incoming votes for past 7 days,Below I include my last 7 day incomming votes screenshot.


Same for Outgoing Vote just click on the "Out votes.." and we can see outgi=oing votes for the past 7 days. I attached a screenshot below It will show the Past 7 Days' Top 250 outgoing votes.


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How to check account operations for the past 7 days and what all details can be checked?

Click on the "Account operations" We can check all the data of our account for the past 7 days. In that tab, we can see all the details of Comments, Votes, Delegation, Market order, rewards, Transfers, and Witnesses related detail.

Blew I've attached my Account Operation Screenshot and you can see it within my today account operation Details.


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Please explain Author, Curation and Beneficiary Rewards.Also, mention author and curation rewards for your account for past 7 days.

Author Reward

  • These are the main rewards that we can get as a blogger on the Steemit Platform. For an author, there are the three rewards in the Steemit ecosystem there are known as Steem Dollar, Steem power, and Tron (TRX).

Curation Reward

  • These are the main rewards that we can get as a curator or Voters. This means curation rewards are the rewards that we receive for the Voting Power that we use for voting for Other content. For the curator, there are the two rewards in the Steemit ecosystem which are known as Steem power and Tron (TRX).

Beneficiary Reward

  • Another type of rewards system that we can get as an author blogger in this Steemit Platform is if someone has set our steemit user name to share any specific percentage of their post's rewards, with you after receiving rewards to their post you will receive our percentage automatically.

Below I attached my past 7 days' Author, Curation, and Beneficiary Reward Screanshot


How to check your upvote value and at different voting, weights using this tool?

Top of the we can see our upvote value and different vote weight. Blew you can see the screenshot of my sttemit account upvoting value and voting weight


This is the way how you can customize our voting power see the below screenshot and I've highlighted the vote customizing bar.


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That's all about my Achievement 5 Task1.

I hope to go on a long journey with the STEEMIT community. Finally, I would like to thank you for your guidance and I highly appreciate your fullest support for the post as the achievement 5 Task 1 in this steemit blogging.

Thank you for your valuable time and have a nice day! 😎


Congratulations brother

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thank you brother 👍

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