Basic security for steem.

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Heow steemians!

Hope y'all are doing great.So, our second achievement is based upon the security for steem.

When you first logged in to your account you must've gotten a PDF file consisting of some keys. You must be wondering how to use them.In this post I'm gonna tell you guys about those keys,their proper use and their security.

First thing first you have to remember their names. There are actually five total keys:

1: Private posting key

This is actually a logging in key. You can use this key for logging in to your account, posting some blogs, commenting on others posts and up_voting.

2: Private memo key

The main function of this key is private messaging.If you need any help regarding steem you can feel free to message curator or editors by using this key.

3: Private active key

This key has an important purpose in marketing and trading on steem. Along with transferring token to other users you want.You can also power up or down with the help of this key.

4: Owner key

Okay so this key has an important function in reseting your passwords. Beside this,owner key carries out another important function. If your account gets hacked by some hackers you can also recover your account within 30 days by using this key.

5: Master password

Here we go to our last and the most important key which is master key. As the name indicates authority this key will help you in making new passwords for your steem account. Moreover you can also get a PDF file of new passwords.

Here our keys description goes to end, now we are going to know about security for steem keys

When I got my passwords file i was very doubtful about how to keep it safe. Many ways were popping in my mind (making a hardcopy, saving in some memory disc e.t.c)After thinking for a good time i decided to keep it in my Google drive so it will be safe no matter what happened to my harddrive. I'll also recommend you guys to save your file in drive. If you want to transfer your steem to another steem account, you first have to log in to your account .Open your wallet and click on transfer. Fill in the form given including receiver's ID,your active or owner key,amount of your steem and memo and sign in.Asteem can be delivered by this process.





To powerup your account first login to your account and click on powerup.Fill in the amount of powerup and click ok.You can also check your steem history below .



I hope this post will help you in making your account safe from hacking or plagiarism.



Hey, you explained them well.
But you haven't done question 4 and 5 regarding transfer and powerup of steem.

 7 months ago 

Check my comment.
Screenshots required for transfer and powerup.

 7 months ago 

@haidermehdi now check sire.

Congratulations, finally your achievement 2 is verified :p

 7 months ago 

Thanx plz snd me the link of achievement 3 . I fully try to prepare it very well.

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