Achievement 6 task by godsbest: Understanding curation and community.

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It's another interesting opportunity once again to undertake this wonderful task of the 6th achievement. After going through the wonderful lecture by @cryptokannon I will therefore do justice to this task.

Question 1
How does voting and curation work on Steemit?
Voting and curation is a system by which Quality posts(proof of brain) can be rewarded On Steemit.
Steem has a fixed reward pool, so when a good content is posted, the reward mechanism is achieved by distributing rewards from the reward pools to the users.
Hence the users who enact this effect is equally rewarded back by 50% of the total vote the post was able to make.

For one to be able to make a vote, the strength of your steem power(the fixed amount of steem you accumulated in the system)
So the higher your steem power the higher amount of vote you can be able to offer to a user.
There is yet another factor to be considered for the influence of your vote and Steemit which is your voting mana.
This tells the the bar and the influence of effect that can be generated for a Vote.
This entails percentage and the remaining slots of vote on daily basis. Which means the more you vote, the less your strength or chances of voting. Voting can be done 10 or more times daily but the more post you make, the more The strength of your post deaccelerates.
The system has a system that refuels your voting mana by 20% on a daily basis.
The moment you vote or curate a post, 50% of the reward goes to the author while the remaining 50% Is for the curators.

What happens if you vote a post before 5mins mark after posting?

If a post is upvoted the moment of posting, 100% of the curation reward will remain in the rewards pool.
At 1 minute, the curator receives 20%, and 80% remains in the rewards pool.
At 2 minutes, the curator receives 40%, and 60% remains in the rewards pool.
At 3 minutes, the curator receives 60%, and 40% remains in the rewards pool.
At 4 minutes, the curator receives 80%, and 20% remains in the rewards pool.
If a post is upvoted 5 minutes (or later) after posting, 100% of the curation reward goes to the curator.

Which community will you join on Steemit and why?
There so many communities I've explored and I've come to find out that there are some that catches the interest of my specialization. One of them is @projecthope and another is @steemalive

This is because project Hope allows you express your knowledge on the cryptomarkets, the science world and new innovations so it will enable me explore and gain more knowledge to my satisfaction while steemalive is an all encompassing group that enables you write on any topic of your choice so with this communities in view, there are a lot of agendas to explore..


This is my achievement 6 post.
Thanks for reading through.

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Hello, I was checking your blog, I couldn't find your achievement:
5 task 2
5 task 3
and 5 task 4.

Please can you point out this task so you can be verified. Thank you..

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