Achievement 1 post ||My introduction at steemit platform || 21 th may 2021

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About me :

Hi steemian.
I am @fzn from Chittagong, bangladesh.
I am social worker. I worked with save the children foundation during 2years.
we are 2 brothers & sister. I am middle of them.


task 1 : name & age

  • name : @fzn
  • sex : female
  • age : 20 years

task 2 : country

  • country : bangladesh
  • address : Chittagong

task 3 : qualifications & occupation

  • qualifications : graduated from national university

  • occupation : social worker

  • work at Save the children NGO



task 4 : cryptocurrency knowledge

  • i have some knowledge about BTC, SBD, TRX, steem coin & HBD coin.

task 5 : My passion & hobby

  • i would be good social worker,

  • My hobby are Reading, singing, cooking & also eating

task 6 : My others info & i am looking for

I am a girl, but I also dream like everyone else. I want the world to be beautiful. Everyone will live well here. There will be peace all around. There will be no division among the people. And I will contribute to all the good work in this world.

Leisure time

In my Leisure time I watched movie & mobile gaming. spending time also social community.
Some time helped Family member. like to sending time with friends.

Favorite food:

Biriyani, Beef, chicken, fruits, vorta.

task 7 : founding steemit

  • first time i introduced with steemit by @nh-shanto. he is my college friend.

♥Thank you from : @fzn

CC :


@vvarishayy, @svm038

Please help me to verify this id.

verified her identity to me. you can confirm

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thank you

Ok ı write comment

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Hi girl . I am Turkey representative. Can you introduce yourself to me on discord for the achievement mission verification? @fzn


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Hi @fzn

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i will visit your community during my free time

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thank you

wellcome at steemit platfrom @fzn


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