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Greetings steemians, this is my third post in the newcomer's community. It seems you guys did not enjoy my second post because i had no vote. But i will make this one interesting and i hope you guys enjoy it and i am writing on the topic plagiarism.
The word plagiarism might be one big problem on ones mind. What is plagiarism is the first question one may ask after introducing this topic.
Plagiarism is presenting someone else work or ideas as your own with or without their consent by incorporating it into your work without full acknowledgement or can simply be defined as using someone work of art like text, music, literature, video without the person consent and attribution.
There are four common types of plagiarism and all are serious violations of academic honesty and are punishable by law. Below are the brief explanation on the types of plagiarism.
SELF PLAGIARISM: It is somehow self explanatory. It occurs when a student brings his or her already verified work or mixes part of previous without the permission of all professeurs involved.
DIRECT PLAGIARISM: Direct plagiarism is the word for word transcription of a section of someone else work, without attribution and without quotation marks. The intentional plagiarism calls for severe punishment like placement of funds and imprisonment and is also unethical, academically dishonest e.t.c.
MOSAIC PLAGIARISM: Mosaic plagiarism occurs when a student borrows phrase from a source without using quotation marks or finds synonyms for the authors language while keeping to the same general structure and meaning of the original.
ACCIDENTAL PLAGIARISM: Accidental plagiarism occurs whe a person neglects to cite their sources or misquotes their source or unintentionally praphrases a source by using similar words, groups of words and or sentences structure without attribution.
Written to the attention of all members of this community and the admin. Thanks to you all i hope you enjoy this post. See you next time.


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