Achievement 4 by @enochgenius task: Applying markdown

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Hello fellow steemians , I am glad to be sharing my achievement 4 task. Thanks @lovveday and @arrowgate for the verification of my previous tasks and I hope you like my achievement 4 task; understanding markdown.





politics is a dirty game

The above quote sums up the way politics is perceived in my dear country . over the years the politics of Nigeria has been plagued by all sort of electoral mishaps and godfatherism so much so that the average Nigerian doesn’t have faith in the system anymore .


How did we get here

Bellow are some of the reasons that brought us to the state we are

  • Premature independence : Nigeria was colonized by Britain and gained independence on the 1st of october 1960 . ever since then, we have experienced violence in the form of riots and even a civil war in 1967 ; that spanned about 3 years , that was followed by series of coup de tats , corruption and manipulation that summed up the precedence that caused all the problems we are facing today.
  • Inadequate checks and balances: The arms of government are supposed to be in check but then we see scenarios where the judiciary is not free and the press is being suppressed and only the executives single handedly dictates what happens and what doesn’t .


Some problems and possible solutions

Suppressed press and constituted authoritiesAllowing the press maximum freedom and ensure that the police are not being out under undue pressure.
Allowing offenders walk freeEnsuring that those who go against the laws be properly punished according to the law, regardless of their status or the position they occupy.


At this point I can say I understand some basic markdowns on steemit and how to apply them

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You have been verified for this task and you may proceed to the next
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Hi, @enochgenius,

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