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Hi everyone! I wanted to reintroduce myself in newcomers community. So this is me Nosheen.I’m from Pakistan. Friend of mine told me bout steemit so here I am ready to be a part of this wonderful community and socialise with its amazing community members
Here’s my id @daydreamer9

I’m a third year medical student in United medical and dental college karachi
Here’s my college
I’ve to study many subjects but my favourite one is pathology and medicine
I wanna show you some of my books
Being a med student I’ll try to update you recent researches.

There are 8 members in my family. My grandmother, father, mother, two brothers, two sisters and myself. My grandfather died many years ago.

I love music, photography, cooking, and as I already mentioned above medicine and pathology.
I’m not really into sports but I like football a bit
As I mentioned above I love photography and cooking so wanna share link of my posts to show you my skills
Daily flower photography -my entry

I would love to give my best to this world of steemit by making use of the best of my abilities.
Hope to see the same enthusiasm and warm welcome from my fellow steemians. Thanks a lot

Special thanks to @cryptokannon and @steemcurator03


I have verified this user through a private message. Please take care of this user coming from Pakistan. Thank you.
cc : @hassanabid @rashid001

Thanku so much @cryptokannon Surely we will take care of her.

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Thank you so much ,

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Hello friend, welcome to the world of STEEMIT I hope to read other publications about you. I must say you are very successful at this stage, follow @steemiblog so that you know about new updates and know the feeling that is the diarygame where we can read about your day to day activities. And you also upvote and comment on the post that catches your interest, that's one of the way to build your audience on STEEMIT. Enjoy your staying

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Thanks surely I’ll follpw and post there

Hi! @daydreamer9 Nosheen could you show us your face too for the verification? Like this user

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