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Hi everyone ,It's a pleasure being here at steemit platform,lets me introduce myself
I'm Ishola oluwadamilare Isaac with the Account name @dannygold,A Native of Saki west local Government from Oyo state in Nigeria,am the first born of my family from the family of Two Children.

Educational Background
I started my Education career from Sacred heart private school in Ibadan,Oyo state Nigeria after it i went to stand Hope International colleage for my High School,i then prepare my International passport to proceed to Benin Republic to Study Computer Engineering from HEGT UNIVERSITY

How i heard of Steemit
Steemit was introduce to me by a very close friend of mine @temmy where he widen my knowlege more on Blockchain and how it works and urge me to do it that it will be of great benefit to me due to my knowlege on Programming.


I loves reading, and acting because it makes me happy


My Favorite food is Yam and egg while the food i detest most is Bread and Egg

Thanks for accepting me to this platform!!!


Hi @dannygold, welcome to steemit. You will enjoy it here if you are hardworking, patient and consistent.

To get verified, you need to correct the spelling of one of the major tags that you have used, and that is #achievement1 instead of #achivement1. I understand it is an overnight, so just edit your post and correct it. Let me know my mentioning me in reply to this comment so that I can verify you. Thank you

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Thanks, it has been corrected @ngoenyi


Welcome to the steemit family dear @dannygold. I am pleased to have you join us here.
You have been verified and may move to the next achievement task.
To enjoy your experience here it will be wise if you try and finish all your achievement posts in the newcommers community, follow @steemitblog for #contest updates. Join communities like steemitfoods for your food posts, and steemalive for any other posts, steemitnursery where you can write about any topic of your choice, also, join steemkids community if you love kids and want to help them out. There are still other communities you can join with time.

There is need to interact with your fellow steemians, therefore, join your fellow africans in steemalive telegram for Uyo and other cities without cordinator.
Join the African food lovers whatsapp and telegram group page here, we will put you through on how to make an acceptable posts in the communities.

You can start with @thediarygame season 3 where you will tell us about your days activities.

Welcome ones more. If you follow the rules, the sky will be your starting point, you will steem to the moon and beyond,trust me.
Love you dear!

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Hi, @dannygold,

Your post has been supported by @ngoenyi from the Steem Greeter Team.

Good day, @dannygold!

Welcome to the Steem Community! Here you can blog and write as much as you want. It's also good to find and meet new friends that would likely to support you. And as a welcome gift...

...A Daily Dose" has followed you!

Also if you may, I would like to invite you to join a relatively new community called Inspire People, where you may find and post inspiring and uplifting content. It's for everyone who wants to write or read inspirational stories. May the community feed the soul.

Please do visit if you are interested. We're currently recruiting members help build and join the community.

  • If you're already a member of the Inspire People Community, you may disregard this message.

"Your life is your message to the world. Make sure it's inspiring."

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