Verification Through Introduction - damindu

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Verification Through Introduction - @damindu

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Hi guys, I'm Damindu Krishan . I'm 21 years old, I live in Sri Lanka. , This is my first post as a newbie to the Steemit platform.

Currently, Im following an Engineering Diploma in Institute of Engineering Technology. As well as my field is Civil Building. At my free time most probably Im watching films.

And also I love photography. When I have a free time in addition to watching movies I like to take beautiful pictures that catch my eye.




I got to know about steemit from best friend @ashen99 who is also new to steemit. He will help me to learn things in steemit. I will share about my studies and diaries with you.

I don't have a big knowledge of cryptocurrency. I will learn gradually.

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Welcome to steemit machan.. keep steeming

 6 months ago 

Thanks machan

Hello @damindu malli, It's lovely to meet you here.

I love photography.

Me too though um not very good at it.
Do your best and have a successful journey here. All the very best.

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Thank you Akke...

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Hello! I would like to invite you to join the Steemit Nursery Community. It is a community linked to Newcomers', but there you can post on whatever topic you want!

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okay sure....

Hi brother's friend. Welcome to steemit. You can share your real life stuff here. Keep writing

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Sure akke. Thank you

Welcome to the steem world younger brother. If you really like to photography or any other interesting fields finally you selected really great platform. You have really great chance for improve your blockchain journey with engaging onboard steemians. Sure... you'll get big support. I want to give you big advice. Engagement is priority key of develop any person's blockchain journey. Wish you the best malli.

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Thank You Ayye

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Welcome to steemit @damindu. Congratulations on submitting your achievement 1. Achievements within this platform are very important to our development.There are interesting communities to publish and participate in contests. The recommendations of the representatives are very important. I recommend steemfoodsTo write, Writing & Reviews Community.Steemit NurseryThis is a community for you, like Steemit Newborn, to be accompanied at the beginning of your trip on Steemit.For photography, the World of Xpilar Community hosts many photography contests.
I recommend the community of geography is interesting.
Geography Community
Follow @steemitblog for the latest updates and news about steem and @steemingcurators for the Steem Community contest and challenges.
Notice Board of Newcomers
Success in your engineering career and also in steemit. That you achieve all your proposed goals and achieve the desired objectives.
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Thank You...

Another movie lover.... Another photography lover....😍😍😍👌👌👌

Welcome to the steemit malli... Go ahead !!!!!!

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Thank you akke .....

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Steem on!

Yours @kryptodenno

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Thank You.....

welcome to the steemit brother

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Thank you.....