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RE: ACHIEVEMENT 1: my introduction to @steemit, by papi.mati

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Hi! Welcome to Steemit! You're very interesting. I would love to read about your perspectives in life through your writing on Steemit. I just happened to stumble upon your account through other accounts that you been commenting on welcoming newcomer. Nice to meet you 😊

 5 months ago 


Thank you for such a kind words!

Currently I was mostly trying to write a Diary on Steem Nursery and sharing some recipes because I was a bit ill and didn't have energy to post much more.

In the nearest future I'm planning to write more about the ecology (I already wrote few words about the dreamed farm proyect I'd love to build some day and presented my point of view about global warming ), travelling (until now, I{ve described only one trip and polyamory. I'll gladly write more about my perspectives in life. It might be a good start of some really interesting discussion.

It's very nice to meet you too! :)