Achievement 5 Task 1: Review steemworld. Org tool by @cinnymartins

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Greetings to all steemians, I am so delighted to have come this far on steemit and I really appreciate the support I've gotten from this platform in a short while and I give the shout out to all who have made my stay here memorable. In my achievement 5 Task 1 post, I will be analysing the in a detailed way.


Source is a device built on steem Blockchain and developed by @steemchiller. The main purpose of building this device is to review, access and manage steemit accounts easily and it is a must access for every user.

Steemworld homepage

From this homepage all you need to do is to sign in using your steem account name and your private posting key. After which you then click on Dashboard which happens to be the first option in the picture above.


From here you have an overview of your account in a peep. All these are statistics of the user's personal account of which some of them include the user's reputation as at the time of writing, number of followers and people he is following and the user's steem power also at the time of writing. I will be picking from the statistics serially to give a detailed explanation of each of them.

I would be answering the following questions that will follow suit for perfect understanding of the steemworld tool.

Explain how to check reward summary for all time, last 30 days and last 7 days for your account.


To achieve this, you type in or your username in your browser. And from the next page that pops up, you scroll down and you will findreward summary. This is the summary of the account's reward both for all time, last 30 days and last 7 days.
You have rewards in form of curation SP, author SP, steem, SBD and total USD.


Explain what is delegation, types of delegation and how to delegate SP.



From this page you can view the account delegations. Delegations are usually made in form of steem power to a fellow user or to a community. Delegations are made to support other users.

Delegation is simply the art of transferring one's SP to another user. This implies that for a user to delegate SP to another user, he must have reasonable of SP. Delegation is in form of supporting another user or community.

Types of delegation

  • Outgoing delegation:
    In this type of delegation a user transfers SP to another user's account.

  • Incoming delegation:
    This involves receiving SP from another user to your own account.

  • Expired delegation:
    Some Delegations has expiry dates attached to it.

How to delegate SP


  • To delegate SP you log in to or your username.
  • You will see a page where you have options like stats, balances, and the rest including delegation. Click on delegation
  • other options like incoming, outgoing, expiring and delegate will appear.
  • Click on the delegate box and a new box will open up where you need to type in the account username you wish to delegate to and the amount as well as seen in the picture below.


  • Click ok
  • And complete transaction with posting key.

How to check incoming and outgoing votes, please explain this with screenshot of both votes of your account.

Incoming votes are votes other users make iny your post.

  • visit your steemworld account
  • click on stats
  • click on incoming votes.


Outgoing votes has to do with you voting other Users post.

  • visit your steemworld account
  • click on stats
  • click on outgoing votes.



Voting power

voting power in steemit is a measurement of the capacity your vote has and it possible effect as reward to another user as soon as you upvote their post. Your voting power is solely determined by your SP (Steem Power). Voting power is reflected on the dashboard at the topmost part with the user's voting power ranging between 1%-100%. Every user's voting power reduces as they upvote posts but this gets to replenish in time.

Then the Voting Amount
Every user has his voting amount represented in $ value and the voting amount is also determined by the user's steem power too.

There are various links from which a user can access similar information or data:


How to check account operations for part 7 days, and with all informations that can be checked.


  • visit your steemworld account
  • click on the account details for previous dates, today, yesterday will pop up.

Every operations going on in a user's account can be reached from this end and this include the posts, comments, votes, curation rewards and so on.


Please explain author's reward, curation and beneficiary reward. Also, mention author and curation rewards for your account for the past 7 days.


  • Author's reward:
    This is the reward you get for making a post as an author.
  • Curation reward"
    This is the reward you get for voting another user's post.
  • Beneficiary reward:
    You get this reward when you set an account as a beneficiary. Whoever that is set as the beneficiary received the reward.

To check this

  • You log in to your steemworld account
  • Click on author's reward to view it for the past 7 days.

You also click on the Curation reward.

And lastly the beneficiary reward as seen in the picture below.


How to check your upvote value and at different voting weight using this tool.

-To do this, log in to your steemworld account

  • And from the first view on the left hand hand with a percentage value to know your upvote value.

The voting weight is seen immediately under the voting value.


The is a very educative tool of which every user who comes in contact with it will appreciate it as user friendly. It helps to guide New comers who are not yet to be conversant with the steem chain and provides maximum guidance.


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