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My Introduction

Hi everyone, I go by the name Njoku McDonald but my friends call me Chizzy and I'm a Twenty(20) years old Nigerian student studying at the University of Nigeria Nsukka.
Well am not really working for now and still hustling to make nice Degrees before starting up the real life, that's hoping that life has a great deal in store for me in the future.
Well crypto trading is one of the most advanced and digital ways of earning and often regarded as the currency of the future and venturing into crypto is one of my most wild and unpredictable sources of my income as a student.
Well, As an introvert, my hobbies are listening to music, chatting online and playing games, which means that my phone is basically my lifestyle.
I'm basically looking forward to joining group which are interesting and exquisite, group that might include art, culture, music, lifestyle and celebrity updates and well I'm hoping to start posting some cool and mind blowing stuffs, things like my daily challenges, my favorite musicians and music artists, entertainment and and other topics that I see as captivating
Well I got to know about steemit from a good friend of mine @swaylee and I hope to be making the most out of this platform and hopefully become an influential member of this platform and maybe create my own community someday. I hope we all would enjoy this platform together, #ToGreatness.

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Hi, @chizzybahd,

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