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Hello Steemians

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I will start by saying I so much appreciate the Steemit community for setting up a platform so secure and reliable. Because a secured platform like this will encourage it's users to feel safe when making any changes or transaction in the platform.

I so much love what this platform did here "Instead of password based authentication, blockchain accounts have a set of public and private key pairs that are used for authentication as well as the encryption and decryption of data".

The high rate of scam activities going on in the internet is becoming a thing of panic to many that's why we have to secure this our key so that our steemit account would be very safe.

Some questions to be answered about my steemit security includes:*

Have I retrieved all my steemit keys?

Yes I have retrieved all my steemit keys successfully by me during my registration process.
I actually downloaded it through my PDF and it was complete and accurate, so I use it for anything I want regarding the security of my steemit account.

Here are the functions of the various types of steemit keys

  • Owner Key: This is the most important key because we can use it to recover stolen account or we can use to change all of our other keys by the help of these keys.

  • Active Key: This key is used for wallet transactions like sending steem or steem Dollars etc.

  • Memo Key: This key is used for decrypting memo of the transactions.

  • Posting Key: This key is used for logging into steemit and perform basic actions like posting a blog, commenting on other's posts, upvote, and downvote posts, etc.

How can I secure my steemit keys?

After downloading it to my PDF, I opened it and immediately copied it on my personal dairy, which is accessable by my alone. I equally went further to save it in my E-mail account which is equally accessable by me alone.

One of the best browser to use for browsing is the Chrome browser, because it allows you to save your passwords in it, which is exactly what I am using for my steemit keys.

How can I transfer my steem token to another steem users?


Follow this 👇👇 steps to transfer steem token to another user:

  • a. Goto your profile and click on "wallet".
  • b. Login with your Master password.
  • c. Then click on the encryption "Steem" after which a drop-down menu will appear.
  • d. The first thing on the drop-down menu is the "Transfer" option, which you would have to click.
  • e. Enter the details of the receiver including the amount of steems to be transferred to the receiver by you.


*How can I power-up my Steem?"


Follow this 👇👇 steps to power-up your steems:

  • a. Goto your profile and click on "wallet".
  • b. Login with your Master password.
  • c. Then click on the encryption "Steem" after which a drop-down menu will appear.
  • d. Now click on the third option which is "Power Up."
  • e. After clicking, insert the required details and the amount of steems to be powered up.


What is the first instruction to follow in the security of your keys?

The first instruction you should follow is that "You should not share your steemit keys or files with anybody" because no one is supposed to be trusted. Your key should be something personal to you and it's not supposed to be shared with anybody.
How can I secure my steemit keys?

My steemit keys are very important to me especially my master key and if it's stored only in the phone it will be very risky because if my phone gets spoilt or lost it will be difficult for me to retrieve my keys. So I will not only have the keys on my phone but I will equally write it down in a very special book which is always kept safe and secured. Or better still I can save it in the cloud (Internet) that's Gmail, Facebook, etc.

See how to transfer your steem token to another steem user
First Login with the account name which has steems , use the Master password. Click your avatar, then "wallet" menu, in the "wallet" page, click the triangle on the right of the numbers, then click "transfer". Is as easy as that.

Do you know how to make it big on steemit?
Is all about doing what is right, which is writing of original article, posting articles daily, commenting, etc. Is all about putting your time in it and trying to equally gather followers.

Thank to

Thank you all.....
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