Achievement 5 Task 4 by @chababy : Review

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hello again I am @chababy and this is my achievement 5 task 4 as required by @cyptokanon on the review of

How do I see the "recent history"?

first of all this is the home page of the website


in order to check your recent history, first of all you must input your username on the search engine above, then click on the search icon and scroll down until you see the recent history


How do I check the different activities: Posts, Votes, Reblogs, Replies, Reblogs, Rewards, Transfers, etc

click on the activity navigation and a drop down menu will appear click on the activity you wish to crosscheck, i will go through a few on the activity navigation

How do I know who has reblogged my post: (Social: Follower, Following, Reblogged)?

it is quite easy to see who has reblogged my content, click on social and the drop down menu will be seen showing follower, following, reblogged click on reblogged to see the image below


How do I check my Voting Power?

click on the witness and a drop down menu will be displayed, click on votes to check your voting power


thanks for reading my post, god bless you all

 last year 

Hi i am Sumit one of the team member of Steem Greeter.

I am happy to announce that i have successfully verified your achievement 5.4 post. Now you are eligible for performing your next achievement task.



 last year 

Thank you sir
I await curation

 last year 

Hi, @chababy,

Your post has been supported by @nattybongo from the Steem Greeter Team.

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