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Hi! I am @blueflipper123 from Pakistan. Thanks @Pantera who introduces this platform to me. I am Veterinary Graduate from University Of Animal Sciences, Lahore Pakistan. I am Voluntarily available for Steemit Community as Veterinarian. My real name is dr-zeshan. Recently I am doing job on a well known farm in Pakistan as a breeding manager.

(University Memory when I was in 7th Semester)

Why I didn't selected my real name as steemit user name?

There is school of thoughts behind this Scene. Blueflipper is originated from two words "Blue" and "Flipper". Blue is derived from Blue babies as my fiance born with congenital problem of blue baby. Moreover we both like the blue color. While Flipper is name derived from my jumping and acrobat skills. Yup, I am good cricketer as well as athlete.

My Blogging Life:

As we both have difficult jobs and my fiance is also doctor. So we have decided to divide our blogging life with same username. Currently we are posting on following platforms.

  • Read cash
  • Publish0x
  • Hive
  • Blurt
  • Noise Cash
    Blurt and noise cash are drifted by me. Including this account I shall be able to write here also. As I already have described the school of thought behind this user name so it is not possible to for us to blog on all sites by single person. It is called division of labor. You can all time enjoy my original content here as well as on blurt and noise cash.

My Intentions:

I am simple person who is friendly and sincere to his friends as well as with family. I joined this platform for getting learning and expertise about steemit blogging. I am willing to bring onboard to many friends here according to my efforts. I hope I can be a good leader for my Pakistani Friends later.

My Hobbies:

I love gardening and nature. I love Photography as well as I can make simple sketch. Moreover when I am alone I can sing with my boring sound many Pakistani and English songs. I love to watch movies like Spiderman, Superman, X-man, Matrix, Blade as well as Bad Boys are some of my favorite movies. Don't make me bored now, you can suggest your favorite movies as well.

(Celebrating Bloch Culture Day in Pakistan)

Future Thinking:

I am still not married and have a dream to move towards European Countries for higher education. My job status is although good but life is name of learning. I want to do Master in Physiology in department of Microbiology. Last time I fought two times with COVID because first time I suffered with COVID before Vaccination and after vaccination. I want to know what is true game behind this. Because it is claimed companies prepared COVID in lab and then introduce to the world. Hence it brought Vaccine Business for them. If it is true then it is called bioterrorism.

My Oath:

I swear I shall keep myself polite and must follow roles of each community. I shall do my best to post as much genuine and original content as I can.

Thanks for reading and for your love.

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Hi! do you like travelling? do you want to let us know about places in your country? your experiences?
Here is the community for you, sign up and publish your posts, we have a daily curation with many active contests and we are supported for booming votes!


We look forward to reading your posts! see you soon!!!


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Thank you I have successfully joined. I hope my travelling experience will be shared here with better choice.

Welcome to Steemit, @blueflipper123.

  • Could you please take a new picture of yourself with the poster? The orange color is not quite readable. Make sure you write the current date on the new paper.

  • Will you and your fiance be using this account together?

  • How are you going to manage multiple accounts on different blockchains?

  • Do you know that here we allow only steem-exclusive content? You can't post your Steemit content on other platforms.

  • Could you please share your profile links to other blockchains?

  • @pantera is not an active account. How do you know him?

All these questions are part of our verification process. Hoping to see your reply soon.

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Thanks you sister for your great response. Here I shall answer you one by one.
1)Here is my clear picture.

2)No, my fiance is active on other platforms I already mentioned in my post. This account is owned by me.
3)We have divided all platforms with each other. We just exchange ideas before publishing ideas. Please note here I shall post myself, my fiance will not have keys even.
4.I also like this idea. We should be specific in our contents. Cross posting often causes trouble for us.
5.Yes, I can share.
Here is noise cash account where I was active month before but due to scammers Abundance I give up about posting there about month ago. Still I am active for commenting and appreciating to good users.( https://noise.cash/u/Zeshan3333)
6.We both are member of #CLUB1BCH. Last time when I asked about him about Steemit, he accepted that he is not active there. I took a brief details about platform in group chat and he said to me If I am interested then I can join through his link.
Last night, I decided to join Steemit platform by his following link in the picture.


Any other question I am happy to answer. Sorry for taking pain about verification. Like you I also make my account transparent so that I can't break the trust of Steemit Community.

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You have been successfully verified. You may proceed to the next task at your convenience.

Here are a few basic guidelines for you that will help you to excel on this platform:

  • Interact with other users by replying to the comments on your posts and by engaging on others posts.

  • Power up at least 50% of your rewards to support the STEEM economy and be eligible for curators' votes.

  • Never commit plagiarism or violate copyright laws.

  • Never repost achievement tasks. Always make changes in the original post if requested to do so.

  • Follow @steemitblog for the updates from the Steemit team.

Feel free to ask for help if anything troubles you.

Good luck with your Steemit journey.


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I happy to get verification. Now I have questions?
Now I can freely post here? Or I have assigned a task?
InshAllah I shall follow all the rules and directions assigned by you.

We have an Achievement Program for Newcoemrs that can help you to understand the plarform better. This introduction was the first achievement, now if you want you can move to the next achievement task.

Apart from achievement tasks, you should start creating content in other communities.

These guidelines for newcomers cover almost everything, please have a look.

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Hi, @blueflipper123,

Your post has been supported by @event-horizon from the Steem Greeter Team.

 last year 

Thanks it was greatest support and response I got from any platform.

 last year 

I am pleased to welcome another Pakistani user on steemit platform. Where you can learn more and more. Where you can discover new ideas, new posts, etc. You can share your ideas with others as well. Start journey on steemit.

 6 months ago 

I am doing my best to share experience and love with people.

 last year 

This is a great first achievement, folks, keep it up! I wish you success on Steemit.

I have begun following you. I hope you consider following me back.


 last year 

Thanks for doing that I am happy you trace me as a friend here. Looking forward for more exchanging good ideas.

 last year 

That sounds great, so am I.

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