Community Announcement - Newcomers' & Steemit Nursery | November 26

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Hello to all newcomers!

We inform you that the Newcomers' Community and Steemit Nursery Community are working together! Despite that, we will be sharing the update on both.

This merge means that you will be able to continue publishing in both communities as you like, having in mind the rules of each one, but now your labels will have the name of the achievement you have reached on Newcomers and those presented by the Steemit Nursery Community. Then you can see some examples:

  • If you have finished achievement-1 and you have been posting on the platform for about 1 week, then your label will be: Achievement-1/ Newborn.

  • Maybe you have been here for a while and you joined Newcomers Platform recently, then your label could be Achievement-1/Alumini.

  • Or you can fall in love with the Newcomers Community and grow very fast throw the achievement program, then you probably will see Achievement 5/Infant in your label.

Those are some examples, but they can change according to your dynamism in the #steemit platform.

If you want to, you can take a look at Newcomers to see how your label will look if you share content in Steemit Nursery too.


Newcomers' Community is specifically for achievements that teach you how to use the #steemit platform.

Steemit Nursery Community is a place where you can post whatever you want until you find that community that expresses better what you love. But you can still keep posting in Steemit Nursery if you also find another community.

Please take a look at the next post, where you have a brief of all the useful links for you as a Newcomer Notice Board of Newcomers Community 4/November/2020

Let's go!!

Here you can see the last contests to participate in (In this case, please post in the corresponding community of the contest or in Steemit Nursery).



Participate now by clicking here Updated |As on 25th November |Compilation of On going contests on Steem blockchain

Thanks, @rishabh99946 for this post :)

Please ask us anything you need!

Steem on, dear friend!!

Cc. @steemcurator01 and @cryptokannon

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