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What do we mean by plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the act of stealing one's creative ideas, stealing ones thought and effort, without giving the person the honor that is due him by acknowledging the owner.

This is simply committing theft and while doing so you are compromising your integrity and believe me if the owner or source finds out and takes any legal action it might be a big problem for the COPIER.

Types of plagiarism

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  1. Plagiarism of text: this is the act of using ones exact words in your own work without citing where you got it from.
  2. Mosaic plagiarism: the act of rephrasing the writers words,i:e trying to explain the article using some of his words without acknowledging the owner
  3. Self plagiarism: making use of past work for a present work and claiming to be the main owner.
  4. Duplicate plagiarism: this simply means the act of submitting ones article

Consequences of plagiarism

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    1. It destroys your integrity
  1. It gives you low grades when realized that it was copied
  2. In some cases its leads to legal fight which might end you up in prison
  3. It makes you lazy academically, since you cannot put your brains to work anymore.

How to dodge plagiarism

  1. If you must use the author's words then you have to make citation to the owner
  2. Always go through your work when you are done and always think outside the box, it gives you another view or idea about the work.

It took me lots of researches and reading to understand the content etiquette and right now I can bodly say that I understood the steemit etiquette on steemit community,and I promise to do my very best to grasp them firmly...

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Now that you understand the concept of plagiarism, you should be careful to not to fall victim because steemit frowns at it.

All the best @b-blinks

 16 days ago 

Thank you sir

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