## Achievement 5 Task 2 by @azeem22 : Review Steemscan.com

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Achievement 5 Task 2

Hello steemins. By the grace of ALLAH i am fine and iHope that you will be fine . I'm here with my new task. My Review on https://steemscan.com. On this site, you can see steem price, volume, latest transaction and blocks. So let's start review on steemscan.

Below are navigation bar

•Dev tools
•Quick Convert

Features of Steemscan.com

Latest prices and volumes

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The first thing that steemscan.com has to do is go to this website via chrome. Displays statistics on stem prices and conversion rates.This website displays all transactions on the Steam Blockchain such as Transfers, Rewards, Voting, Comment, Order Creation, Limit Creation, Claim Reward Balance, etc.

It shows all transactions on Steam Blockchain such as Transfers, Rewards, Voting, Commenting, Order Creation, Limit Creation, Claim Reward Balance, etc. It lets you know who is commenting on your post. You can easily find out who did it and who gave you the prizes through this website.

Now in this screenshot you can clearly see all the latest blocks and their heights.

It features over 200 witnesses with information related to their status, status, version and other information. You can also vote for any witness you like based on the details provided or the post you like.

This summarizes the Steamers account. From which you can easily know everything.

This gives you an overview of the Stamina's account, which is actually in the Stamina's account.

When you click "Quick Convert" in the main menu, you will find a very helpful feature for users. This feature allows you to easily convert steam power to BTC, USDT, and TRX. You can also check up the exchange rate and transaction fees.

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This is where you can easily find transaction, block and account parameters like delegate, witness vote, power up from this website.

Thank you all

Special thanks to @cryptokannon for helping me to complete my tasks.

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Thank you for supporting newcomers.

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Your achievement task is not 100% original , some of the context are coming under accidental plagiarism ,please edit and make 100% plagiarism free.


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Hi i am Sumit one of the team member of Steem Greeter.

I am happy to announce that i have successfully verified your achievement 5.2 post. Now you are eligible for performing your next achievement task.



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THAnk you so much sir

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Hi, @azeem22,

Your post has been supported by @wilmer1988 from the Steem Greeter Team.

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