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To all my steemian friends i hope that you are will be well and fine with the grace of Allah Almighty.I am also fine and very hppy with the grace of Allah Almighty.I am new in this great and beautiful platform.Today I will introduce myself.
So lets start...

My Picture


Here is my simple picture.

Name and Age

My Name is Hafiz Mohammad Ashraf.And am 32 years old.And this day I starts the work on the steemit.Now will tell you about the my other things.

My Profession

Am a Shopekeeper and I have a Mobile shop.Here I sale new and old Mobile Phones.I have a large number of stok of New mobiles.I work here with honestly.Here the pic of my shope.



My Hobby

I have a great interst in reciting Holy Quran and I have a great passion of reciting the Naats For my beloved Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).So in this case I had participated in many parties according to Islam.Here I have some pics...


Interest and Liking

I have interest in many things such as

  • Creative Activities
  • Also interest in Farming
  • Interest in pets
  • Interst in beautiful Flowers
  • Often interst in cooking
    Here is the picture of rally which is starts from our city.

Imam of Mosque

In addition, I also lead the Mosque.I also teach Holy Quran to the children here.The name of my Mosque is Jmia Masjid Bilal.I have taught many students in my career.Today they is successful in his life.And this is a great deed for me.I wil continuo this effort till end.

And this is full photo of my mosque.

Here is the link of these pictures.
Facebook link

Awareness about Steemit

At first, I had no faith or interest in the online website.
But later my students told me about this glamorous platform so I started the steemit with the guidance of my some intelegent students that are following

They always told me about this beautiful platform and they also made my steemit account.

Special Thanks




 8 months ago 

Hello ! Welcome to the platform, I hope you can find communities by your hobbies. I wish you a good and productive time on steemit!
Regards @nastena09

 8 months ago 

Thank you

 8 months ago 

Dear sir I hope you will guide me please.

Congratulations you have been verified and can proceed with the next Achievement at your convenience.


 8 months ago 

Thank you.

 8 months ago 

Willcome sir je❤❤❤.

 8 months ago 

Thank you dear Karamat brother thank you very much .you supported me very much .I hope that you will continue to support me in this work.

 8 months ago 

mam i hope you will support me please.

 8 months ago 

Hi, @ashraf1987,

Your post has been supported by @vvarishayy from the Steem Greeter Team.

 8 months ago 

Thank you very much you supported me .I hope you will support me even now .my prayers are with you and your team .

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