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Hello Everybody!
I hope you are all well.
I joined this platform three years ago in December 2017 and work for 2 years on this platform.

Today I am here to introduce myself.

Photo by @amjadsharif

My name is "Amjad Ali" and my steemit user Id is @amjadsharif. I am old steemain and working last three years with steemit but last year I stopped working, now I am back again on steemit ever best community.

I live in Okara, Punjab, Pakistan.
I know and speak Punjabi, Urdu, and English language.
I am a bachelor's degree holder.
I also love to travel to beautiful places northern areas in Pakistan.

Picture taken by @amjadsharif "Phander Valley"

Basically I am a former and my focus is on agriculture.

You are thinking what is the reason to join again this community my friend @afzalqamar asked me to make a post on this platform and #newcommers'community. i also join group @steemi-pak .

I request to all my steemain friends for help and support to grow my account @amjadsharif.

Thanks for visiting my Post.


 11 months ago 

Welcome to Steemit Community!

You have been upvoted by cryptokannon,and we are voting with the Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator03 account to support the newcomers coming into steemit.

 last year 


Welcome Back to the Steemit.

Do Not Forget To Follow @steemitblog & Twitter(Steemit) To Get The Latest Updates.

Best Of Luck, See You Soon.

#india #affable

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Welcome back to steemit bro.

 last year 

Saludos @amjadsharif


Welcome to steemit,
Actually you can write the post in Urdu aswell if you are having difficulties, no worries.


Yours Hassanabid
Country representative of Pakistan

Welcome back to Steemit!

 11 months ago 

@cryptokannon Am i verified ? Actually i am new comer so don't know whether i am verified or not

Yes, you have been verified, your label is achievement 1 verified now.

 last year 

@amjadsharif Welcome back to steemit , ♥️

 last year 

Hi @amjadsharif

Welcome to this platform.

"May your arrival be auspicious and fruitful. Use your talent and creativity here."

You can take part in The Diary Game which is permanent now. I think you are capable to create your valuable blog on Steemit. Follow @steemitblog for latest update.

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Be happy and energetic. See you soon.

#onepercent #bangladesh

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Thank for everyone giving me support through positive comments @stream4u @jawad101 @cjcrish @hassanabid @cryptokannon @rashid001 @eh-shohag

#pakistan #achievement1

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