Achievement 5 Task 1 by @adeboye100: Review

> Hello Steemians!

I am back with another achievement task with the help of @yohan2on and @cryptokanno lesson I have been able to understand steemworld. Be with me as I take you on a journey to my Achievement 5 Task 1.

Review of

  • Reward Summary
You can check Reward Summary for All time, last 30 days and last 7 days for your account by clicking
  • On your browser, search for

  • Login with your username and posting key. It will show you your steemworld page.

  • Click on your Dashboard, it will take you to the page where you will find Reward Summary.


Reward summary displays the total rewards an account has made in the past. The rewards include; curation rewards, author rewards, Steem, and SBDs; which are totaled up and valued in USD.

  • Delegations
Delegation is commonly defined as the shifting of authority and responsibility for particular functions, tasks or decisions from one person to another. We have two types of delegations in steemworld; we have incoming and outgoing delegations.
You can delegate Steem Power (SP) by clicking on dashboard at your page on steemworld, As soon as those Steem waves load up to 100% you’ll be looking at the home page. On the middle part of the page, you’ll see “delegations" after votes amount, tags, link and tutorial Click that:


The next page will show delegations being received or outgoing, expiring delegations, etc. For this how-to, all we need to do is click the “Delegate SP” tab, as soon as you click on that tab, this Delegate SP window is going to open:


Type recipients name into the “To Account” line without the ‘@‘ symbol. Then type in the amount you’d like to delegate; 50.0, 100.0, etc. and click “Ok.”

  • Votes
It is designed in a circular graphical format with a voting power percentage of up to 100%. It has a vote value at the bottom of the circular graph which showcases the $ value of the different Voting power percentages.

  • Account Operation
This shows the activities that we do with accounts starting from vote posts, comments, claim rewards and curation rewards. Activities are recorded in the account operations section. Income and outcome votes Contains information about the quantity of votes that enter our account and the active ones.

  • Author and Curation reward
This shows the incoming author rewards and Curation rewards. They are rounded off and valued in USD that enables a steem user to ascertain the total amount of money he expects after the payout period of all his authored Content.

  • Upvotes
You can check your upvotes value and different voting weights using steemworld by checking the information under Stats it display many things like Effective Power, RCReputation, followers, upvotes, Incoming votes, outgoing etc. If you click on incoming it will display Incoming votes and if click on outgoing it will display outgoing.



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