Hi @roadscape. Great work with communities. It is very exciting stuff and your attention to detail really shows. Thank you for your hard work.

I am sure you have considered this idea but just in case you haven’t I wanted to run it by you. Have you considered having private communities in which posts and comments from those communities are encrypted on the blockchain in such a way that only community members can view them? This would allow group, such as witnesses, to have a place on chain for all their discussions, etc without the need for third parties such as discord which fragments the communities and adds an extra hurdle. This would also allow small groups of friends, say old college buddies, to form a community without others being able to view their content. Essentially you would get Facebook like functionality if you wanted it in a decentralized format. To avoid steem reward abuse, maybe all private post and comments must decline payouts or something like that but they could earn that communities SMTs or whatever.

What are your thoughts on this?

Thanks again. What you have built is very impressive.

*Edit: this would also allow for subscription based services where only individuals that have paid the monthly subscription are in the community and therefore can see the community contents.

I think it's an interesting idea. Encrypted groups are a bit challenging though. Personally I'd like to see a solid encrypted DM implementation first. That would pave the way for sharing group keys and much more.

I have faith you could do it. 😁

As far as an encrypted DM function, that somewhat exist in the form of the encrypted memo right ... by just adding a # in front of the memo? I did not explicitly state this in my previous comment but it was my assumption that the current method for memo encryption could just be reworked to apply to entire posts. I am sure it is not that easy but that was my thought at least.

Thank you for your reply.

That's correct, though one of the challenges w/ memo key is that if it is changed, none of the old messages will be readable (unless we store these old ones somehow). And currently, the only private memos we have rely on using transfer memo, which requires active key.

Hmmm. Good points. Maybe you could somehow turn that into an intended feature. I am not sure how this could be done (a crude idea below) but the idea would be that only those currently in the community could see the post. Individuals added to the community at a later date would not have access to posts created before their acceptance into the community or afterward.

The crude idea (very crude as I am not a coder) is when an encrypted post is created the key to that post is broadcast to a whitelist all current community members. Every post would have a unique encryption and whitelist pair. That would get complicated but I guess it could be offset with high RC costs if it is resource intensive.

Anyway, thanks for entertaining my ideas. I will let you get back to work on more productive things. Cheers.