In The Ramble Discord This Week: Update on Steempeak, Witness Chat with New User Experience Discussion and Post Promotion

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Steempeak, Witnesses and Post Promotion all in one place.

Lots to learn and get updated on this week in The Ramble discord server.

Curation Corner — Feb. 11th

On the Curation Corner tomorrow, February 11th, my co-host @artemisnorth and I will be welcoming @jarvie from the popular Steempeak frontend.

He’s joined us before to talk about Steempeak but since then there has been a lot of changes and more in the works. Join us to find out what they have been up to and what’s coming with the pending release of Communities and later SMTs.

Join us at 1pm EST / 6pm UTC in The Ramble discord to listen in. There will be opportunity for the audience to ask questions.

Monthly Witness Chat — February 12th

It’s once again time for the monthly Witness Chat in The Ramble discord on Wednesday February 12th at 1pm EST / 6pm UTC.

All witnesses are invited to attend and take part. This is an opportunity for Steemians to meet and hear the witnesses. While the top 20 do the voting on the other Witnesses are involved in working to make Steem better.

This past Sunday @aggroed held his Witness Forum for the top 20 Witnesses. Some of the Steemit Inc team joined them as they will be doing on Wednesday.

During the discussions there was a couple of topics that came up that we can carry on the discussion with on Wednesday. @justinw mentioned that one of the projects that Steemit Inc is working on is improved ‘new user experience’.

We’ve all been new users at some point on Steem. So, we’re going to take some time on Wednesday to have a discussion about what makes a better new user experience. This is your opportunity to give some input on what you feel will help new users learn and grow into good Steemians.

What is going to make things easier? What are the hurdles?

Toward the end of the forum a brief discussion took place about the Witnesses. Not their job, the name and how it really doesn’t say much to people not familiar with the platform about who they are and their role. Let’s bounce around some ideas of a better job title for them.

Now, this isn’t all we can talk about. Just a couple of ideas of where the chat could take us. Of course, we want to hear from as many Witnesses who can attend about what they have been up to on and for the platform.

Every Steemian has 30 Witness votes to make. You can’t vote if you don’t have an idea of who they people are and why you should vote for them. Come on and meet those who attend.

Pimp Your Post Thursday — February 13th

As usual on Thursday the longest running post promotion show on Steem is on twice. This is an opportunity to get to know other Steemians, present your posts and take part in what is usually a varied and interesting discussion.

If you’re looking for some posts to curate, PYPT is a good place to visit during the shows.

They run at 11am EST / 4pm UTC and 7pm / 13am UTC.

Mark your calendars and come and join in.

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Will there be a recording for this show as it will be good to catch up seeing as I'll be out on a business meeting during the week.

One thing that I thought of to help a new user when they first use the platform is have an option on a dashboard that says "interests" or something like that.

They then click on an interest such as music, travel etc and it saves those choices. Then once saved, they can click on a button of said interest and then it takes them to that community. If they then decide later on to come back and find other communities of similar interest then they can search for it at this dashboard.

It may have already been talked about or in development but I remember it took me 7 months to find travelfeed when I first joined and it wasn't immediately obvious where anything was. The search bar wasn't too intuitive.

Just an idea. Hope it makes sense!

It will be recorded @nickyhavey and uploaded to 3Speak but you'll find it on my account.

The interests is a good idea and one I've seen implemented on other sites.

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@shadowspub awesome thanks!

Yes the "interests" thing is what greets everyone when they first sign up for social media and with steemit rolling out communities, it makes sense to combine these two things together with the interests dashboard and then link to a community.

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