"CONTEST "My pet's name is ..." // BY @Shugarken

in Steem-BRU (BY-RU-UA)last year (edited)


My pet's name is OG

My pet is a 7months South African mastiff, I adopted him when he was less than two months old.


og at 2 months

I have always had pets ranging from beds, rabbit, cat to dogs right from from my childhood, so I decided to make this one a friend and special security dog. I had to make him undergo 4 months of training, which he passed all his task in flying colours.

OG is my one and only friendly monster

og undergoing training



og hanging out @shugarken and @ladyofpolicy

 last year 

nice, thank you!

I really miss my baby boooo
OG my Yahoo. Boyfriend

Nice post dear @shugarken

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