"Kids of the World" || Week #6 || @My beLoved Son PauL CheLvin"

My beloved Son Paul Chelvin my first child who thought my everyfirst as a mom he has given me the gift of happiness unconditionally. Giving birth to him is a great blessing and honor to have a strong and healthy baby boy. His my precious gift. Since the day I meet him his beautiful smile brought so much happiness to the family. As he grow's older I'm loving him more as the day's go on. Every first is very exciting his first talk the first time I heard him after his Clift Lip Palette Operation on that day when I took him from the recovery room the first word come's out on his mouth was calling "MAMA"tears fall down on me. Tears of so much joy I cant forget it because it his first word that spoken comes from him. I felt so much joy from my heart for the Love of my life.

My Very Kind & Happy Son!!


A joyfull boy that gives happiness to people around him. A good Kid of the world somehow I've seen in him. At a young age my son manage to take responsibility as a brother and a good son. Everytime I asked him to do things like asking him to buy something from a store or get something that is reachable he never hesitated to follow me he obey whatever good doings I told him to remember and most of all be kind all the time. His humbleness and respect to elders show kindness as a young boy a kid like him has a good future of tomorrow.

Like Father Like Son!!


My beloved son idolized his father so much I sometimes feel envy with my husband because I can see he misses his father most of the time maybe because his father's time for him is too short, I can see how much they treasure each time they have together even for a short time. Everytime they spent time together my son is very happy and super in good mood hyper keep on asking his father that he wants to play like basketball, boxing a boys game that I myself I couldn't manage to play with him. everytime his father off from work and especially when its day off I can see how much they accompany each time they have together as a father and son they both have likes and wants s boy's. Anyways seeing both of them enjoying I myself Enjoy watching them having fun and jokes around. They are my source of happiness my family.

"Practice Writing"


Proud of you baby!! Cant wait to watched you going to school in the future. How I wish everythings back to normal so that you could experience a real life of a student. As I can see you have a brighter future someday.

"Ice Cream Lover!"


A simple reward to a sweet and loving son his all time favorite ICE Cream. I sometimes give him a token of appreciation if my son did a good job especially when I asked him to study and he must finished and he will get a reward. Simple yet gives so much joy and happiness I guess he deserved a reward sometimes. Everyday even if I dont ask him to study he is doing it by himself and after doing so he ask me to take photos of him and send to his father to let his father knownhis doing godd job. Smile of achievement is sweeter than eating sweets.

Swimming Time! Summer Feels!!


Swimming with his cousin in the house. Feels the heat of summer. Feels so good to play at water whole day long. His enjoying spending swimming with his cousin Bliss. They both want to play water most of the time even at the beach they are partners, they enjoyed so much even if its so hot. They dont mind as long as they are enjoying and that are kids. Life is full of happiness like there's no tomorrow.

Thank you for spending time reading!!

A pleasant evening to you my fellow steemit family and friends here is my entry for the Week #6 entry for the Contest "Kids of the World initiated by @olesia and @soulwind. Thank you so much for the support for this contest I wish you more power and Good health..

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