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The gardener was exhausted from decades of doing the same, wanting to start over without knowing how, on the other side of the garden he observed a small bear hiding in the bushes, following him he moved in the forest mirror, he walked and walked until he reached the small river and he was surprised to see the beautiful flowers that surrounded him. The spectacular sight of him made her realize that if it mattered when he could take back the reins of his life and do what he wanted, the key that would open the door to his happiness was always in his hands.


Very well I loved how you carried the narration.

that was touchy, loved the story and it had an unexpected ending

Hello @pelusa, I really liked your story.
Like the gardener, many of us sometimes in our lives get tired of doing the same. The routine is introduced. But we ourselves have the key, the power to change that situation. And change any negative feelings for what makes us feel good.
Luck in the contest!!

 last month 

Thank you for participation! Nice story.

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