🌈 Color Palette Contest by @olesia and @dmitrik 🌈 - Week 7 Black

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Here is my entry for this weeks Color Palette Contest (Black) hosted by @dmitrik or @olesia.


This photo was taken on a recent trip to an old abandoned heritage-listed mansion in Brisbane, Australia. It was built from 1902-1908. The local council has recently taken over this property due to 3 years of unpaid rates and the steady declining condition of the building. This once-grand house is now badly decaying with rotting timbers, holes in the roof, ceilings, overgrown garden and litter spread right throughout the house and property.

The property has been with one family for over 3 generations for 118 years. The current owner who is now in her 80's has left the property abandoned for many years due to struggling to keep up with maintenance and rate bills of the property. The owner blames the construction of nearby houses for causing damage to the integrity of her house. The property will now go to auction looking for someone to come in and restore it to its once former glory.

Before we lost the chance to get to explore this amazing 4 storey house, I visited with a group of friends. It was scary and definitely a little spooky. The house is now home to a number of squatters, none of which I saw but it was very obvious. Some of the features in the home were spectacular and I will share more over time. So here is my entry for black...

Here is a heritage photo from when the property was first built. This photo is from the State Libray of Queensland.


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