"Kids of the world" Contest from @olesia and @soulwind week #26 | by @hafidzah20 | 10% Beneficiary To @steem-bru


Dear Steemians !!!

How are you today ?
I hope always get healthy, happy and try to start your day with Bismillah

Hi all steemians in the world especially in @steem-bru wherever you are!. Warm greetings to you @olesia and @soulwind from me in Aceh, Indonesia. I am very happy and grateful to be able to participate again in the Contest: "Kids of the world" by @olesia and @soulwind in week #26. Hopefully my post is useful and in accordance with the rules of the contest beginning of week #26.

Talking about Kids of the World can't be separated from learning, playing and discovering new things that can make them happy in that world. At their age now the role of parents is very important to bridge creativity and what they can and can't do. Because basically the kids have the nature of imitation and dependence.

Play football together

Today I see the students who are exercising and playing with their friends in the school yard with a happy feeling. Yes, I agree ! It is their world now, which can't be separated from games and friends. When the student finished studying they chose to play and have snacks with their friends, some even chose to continue playing football, and rackets in their spare time and there were not many people on the field.


Enjoy snack

Because today is Thursday. So, there is a scout excercise schedule at school. Scout excercise aims to increase children's or kids independence and discipline in learning and how to respect parents properly. There are many benefits when your kids participates in scouting at school.

After Excercise Scout

That's my post in this amazing community. Thank you very much to @olesia and @soulwind for the creative and great ideas for this contest so I can share some things about children or kids.

Not to forget, on this occasion, I also want to invite my beloved sister @bunda-monteski @ruqaiyah and @keumala75 to participate in this amazingly great and creative contest.

Regard me,

 last month 

@hafidzah20, thank you!)

U'r welcome, nice to meet you 🤗


Hola @hafidzah20. Estoy fascinada con esos niños. Soy de Venezuela y la idea de este concurso es leer y ver caritas de nuestros niños del mundo. Indudablemente costumbres y tradiciones diferentes que me encanta aprender. Buen post.

Thanks a lot sister.. Nice to meet you, I am from Indonesia 🤗

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