The Ink Well Hive Related Q+A and My Predictions for the Future of Steem

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Yesterday I put out an announcement for The Ink Well community that tried to boil down the facts about Hive into manageable bite sized portions of tasty blockchain information.

If you haven't already, please go and read this newsletter. It is possibly the most important newsletter we have released at The Ink Well and includes information that is essential to our contributors and subscribers.

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Inspired Hive Question

One of our active contributors, and valued members @chinyerevivian asked the question:

Will future entries for the challenges be based here on steem or on hive, or both?

This was @chinyerevivian exact question but I thought through context that there was so much more broadly that I needed to answer about how The Ink Well will operate going forward. Commenting, prompt/challenges and curation are all things we have had nailed down since the inception of this community.

This is something I am incredibly proud of, not just for myself and my co-founder @stormlight24, but also for everyone active posting at The Ink Well, and our newest moderator @carolkean who reads and comments so many of your posts with meaningful intelligent responses.

This is what engagement is all about, it's what I wanted with every bit of my soul when I started this community and it is something I haven't seen on steem in over a year since the bear market really took hold.

But back to @chinyerevivian question: Will future entries for the challenges be based here on steem or on hive, or both?

The answer for now is both.

Crazy @raj808 Clarification and Reasoning😂

My reasoning is simple. Both @ocd and @curie have stated they'll be on both chains. The Ink Well community will be on both chains. So my advice for everyone would be to write their posts in the post editor on either hive or one of the steem websites, so they've got the markdown/html (body of text for the post) ready, then simply make sure they're signed into both blockchains and publish (copy/paste) to both.

I am going to monitor what happens in regards to both steem and hive over the next few weeks. I won't be able to comment or ask the other moderators to comment/interact on both blockchains, as this is essentially doubling our workload. I'm already overworked with everything I do on steem so the thought of doubling it... well I just wouldn't be able to do it.

I would be found rocking back and forth somewhere biting my own nails and repeating the sentence, "steemhive, hivesteem... when will it end... how did it begin?"😉

This raises a big question, where are we all going to comment engage, and support each other by reading each other's work. This was a big reason why I started The Ink Well, partly to reinvigorate creative writing on steem through rewards (thanks to the curation guilds and their kindness in supporting us), but also to try and get fiction writers and poets talking again.

I think there is going to be at least a week's transitional period where we'll see who and how much of the steem community will migrated to Hive, and how fully (i.e. if they have simply abandoned steem to be only on hive). I suspect that it will be about 80%-90% that will move over to Hive and conduct the majority of their engagement/content creation there. If that's the case we'll probably follow suit in running everything from Hive, but also posting to steem for as long as it offers up us all extra value (rewards).

For now, my advice is to post to both blockchains (once hive is up and running on Friday).

For now, we will be answering comments on steem...

But this could change very quickly. When/if anything changes I will announce the changes in a post and personally follow up to make sure everyone knows by commenting directly on a post on either steem, hive or both.

This is why I will be monitoring closely what happens in the next week or two.

Disclaimer time 😉 my personal opinions do not represent those of The Ink Well. I discuss everything with @stormlight24 and @carolkean before actually making any changes or decisions.

But... my personal opinion is that steem will be taken over by Justin Sun fully as the witnesses that have been maintaining a stalemate simply move over to Hive. I can only see a few possibilities for steem in that instance.

  • Justin Sun develops steemit as full competition to Hive - unlikely as the history of the last 4 weeks shows his 'one ring to rule them all' attitude means his version of steem would be centralized, leaving Hive the clear winner for a decentralized social network/blogging platform.

  • Or he might try and turn it into a niche content community for China, Asia and South East Asia - I can see this being more of a possibility - or who knows, the guy is a billionaire, he might just do some crazy shit and burn it all to the ground in a fit of rage.

If Hive is a success and steem falters, it's likely the curation guilds will move over to Hive only, and then The Ink Well will abandon steem entirely. But, and this is important to note, this is all my own conjecture. Everything I'm saying here is hypothetical, anything could happen. So I'm keeping The Ink Well community, and all the active members, options 100% open until it all plays out.

If you post to steem and hive you'll be earning both steem and hive tokens, so my advice is to do that. The Ink Well's content will be published on both steem and Hive.

I will announce any change to that with plenty of time for everyone to read about it and again with an important announcement like that, I would use the mass tag like I did in the last newsletter, even though mass tagging is not something I like to do.

I hope this post provides a little more clarification, acting as further elaboration on yesterday's newsletter.

And special thank you to @chinyerevivian for asking the question that inspired this post. I have set @chinyerevivian as 30% beneficiary for the payout this post receives.

Thanks for reading.

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I would like to invite any lovers of poetry and short stories to visit the new hive community I started with @stormlight24 called:
The Ink Well.

We now also have a curation trail set up so if you are a SteemAuto user search for 'theinkwell' (all one word) and it is available as a community trail to follow.

If you would like to delegate to @theinkwell and help support creative writing on steem you can do so by clicking on any of the following links for the amount you would like to delegate:


We would like to say a special thank you to those kind souls who have already delegated to help support The Ink Well and creative writing on steem.

@riverflows 500 Steem power delegation, thank you.

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@raj808 500 steem power delegation.

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I will be pulling my delegaton @raj808 as cannot cope with being on two chains. I will be delegating to you immediately on the HIVE and you have my full support. Thanks for this post. Looking forward to my first post being on teh Inkwell, The HIVE> x

Thank you, Raj. I really would love for it to stay on both chains, but there's been too much fights already and people are pulling their delegations. I hear Justin is downvoting as well.

Like you said, the activities will decide.

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