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RE: Silverback, the Wolf King

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Hi @rakushasu

This is @raj808 founder and curator at The Ink Well.

I just wanted to stop by to let you know that I chose your excellent story for submission to OCD's new community curation initiative, which you can read more about here and your story 'Silverback, the Wolf King' has been featured in their compilation post of the best authors from a variety of the new hive communities.

The Ink Well is one of around 6 communities chosen to submit posts daily for both the ocd vote and inclusion in their publication:

OCD Daily: Community Issue #513

I'm really happy about this development for our community and hope you will continue to post your short stories at The Ink Well as we're really impressed and value great creative writing her.

if you want to read my recent announcement about this new curation for The Ink Well check out the post I published yesterday: Good News Story - The Ink Well Joins @OCD'S Community Curation

All the best, and thank you for being an active contributor at The Ink Well :)


Wow that's great news! Thank you so much for submitting my story! I feel truly honored!
And yes, I will continue posting my work here! :)

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