The Unfinished Poem

in The Ink Well3 years ago


"first job is sweeter than having a first love's yes"
"first day of work is sweeter than a first love's date"
"first payday is far more sweeter than a first love's kiss"

Did you ever think that the job you have right now plays the part of a lover or a lifetime mate.
This poem is supposed to be included in a book that I've been working for so long on the topic of Modern Day Slavery. Not the usual crime we knew but the unfair situation in the workplace which we call professionalism.

"First Job Never Dies"
A poem which reminds people how sweet the success of landing their first is compared to the sweet feeling of having their first love.

But, just how I've seen people gained transformation of spirit like larva to butterfly because of the success they found on having their first time job.
Ive seen more of them burning with failure from deep inside like a moth being burned by candle light after realizing that it wasn't a true love after all.

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